Which are the Best Flat Fee MLS Listing Services in Missouri 

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which are the best flat fee mls listing services in missouri

In the last year, Missouri home values have increased by 16%, which also meant that the commission paid to a listing agent has increased by the same percentage.

The additional $1,000 in commission may not seem like much since your home is likely selling for more than it would be a year ago. But you can still attain that price point without the $6,000 in commission to a listing agent. How? Using a flat fee MLS Missouri sellers have had successful listings by selling on For Sale by Owner websites (FSBO).

4 of the Best Flat Fee MLS Missouri Sellers Use

The success of your sale is predicated on the flat fee MLS listing services you use. Since you’re selling your greatest asset, you want to be careful that you’re considering each of the following options before you determine which of these best flat fee MLS Missouri sellers use is ideal for you.


Houzeo is a tried-and-true name in MLS listing services. Available nationwide, the flat fee MLS listing services the company provides are centered around convenience and control. For $399, you get a 6-month listing, 24 photographs, and syndication to all major Missouri MLS. Beyond these standard features, Houzeo also allows you to control the listing, sale, and closing process from your dashboard –– entirely online.

Furthermore, you can select the real estate agent commission you want, starting at 0.25% and increasing in 0.25 percentage points increments.


Another nationwide option, BuySelf, offers a longer listing term than most but fewer images and less control. For $399, you get 20 images, a 7-month listing, and syndication to the MLS in your county.

Any interest from buyers’ agents will be forwarded to you, allowing you to accept or decline any showing requests.

Flat Fee Realty

Flat Fee Realty only charges $199 to list on your local MLS. The cost covers a 6-month listing, six images, and control over your buyer agent commission. Despite the low upfront cost, using Flat Fee Realty isn’t as convenient as other options on this list. The process to list can take upwards of a week, with a caveat being that if your home hasn’t been listed in six months, you can request a cancellation.

However, if you are selling land, this could be a great cost-effective option to get on the MLS.

Flat Fee Group

As the most cost-intensive option on this list, Flat Fee Group pricing starts at $699 and is segmented into different regions. For the fee, you get 36 photos, a 6-month listing, and buyer lead forwarding. Notable features like a property website and disclosures –– have been rolled into the cost. But many of the standard features they provide are cheaper elsewhere.

Missouri sellers have access to countless Flat fee MLS listing services. However, the best flat fee MLS Missouri sellers have access to may not be the best for your needs and budget, which is why you should always do your due diligence before selecting a flat fee MLS.

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