Best AI and ML Certifications in India

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best ai and ml certifications in india

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have been two of the most significant technological advancements of the last decade. AI and ML have enabled computers to learn from data, identify patterns, and make decisions without explicit human intervention. The applications of AI and ML are vast, ranging from self-driving cars to natural language processing and facial recognition to fraud detection. The growth of AI and ML has been phenomenal, and there is no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. The global AI market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 42.2% from 2020 to 2027.

Given the rapid growth of AI and ML, pursuing certification in these fields can be an excellent career move. With an AI or ML certification, individuals can showcase their expertise in these areas and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing job market. Employers are actively seeking professionals with AI and ML certifications to help them develop new technologies and implement solutions to complex problems.

Further, AI and ML certifications offer numerous benefits, including higher salaries, better job prospects, and the opportunity to work on exciting and challenging projects. Additionally, online certificate courses provide a structured learning experience, allowing individuals to gain practical experience through hands-on projects and assignments.

Do you want to know the best AI and ML certifications in India? If yes, then this article is for you. Learn about the best certifications available and decide which would best match your learning needs.

Top AI and ML Certifications in India

Here are some of the top AI and ML certification programs you can take in India and make your next career move.

Professional Certificate Course In AI And Machine Learning

Training Provider – Simplilearn, in partnership with IIT Kanpur

This 11-month online Bootcamp gives you access to live masterclasses from IIT Kanpur instructors to help you learn everything about AI and ML from scratch. The program offers comprehensive training in concepts like supervised, unsupervised, deep learning, computer vision, statistics, and more. Apart from theoretical classes, you will get to work on over 25 industry projects that will allow you to apply your AI and ML skills to solve real-world challenges.

This Professional Certificate course in AI and Machine Learning further involves hands-on experience in using popular AI and ML tools like Python, Keras, Matplotlib, Django, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, and NLTK.

Machine Learning Specialist – Supervised Learning: Regression and Classification

Training Provider – IBM

Unlike other generic courses, this course by IBM mainly focuses on two types of algorithms used in supervised machine learning – regression and classification. With 22 hours of in-depth self-paced training, you will learn how to train regression models to predict continuous outcomes and how to use error metrics to compare across different models. You will also understand the best practices involved in these algorithms, like regularization techniques, training, and test splits.

Upon enrollment, you can access the course for 12 months with the IBM Training subscription. The self-paced training has labs that offer students a live environment to complete hands-on lab activities. The prerequisites for this course are Python programming and basic knowledge of linear algebra, statistics, probability, exploratory data analysis, and data cleaning.

Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Training Provider – the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore

This advanced course by IIIT Bangalore is designed to cater to industry requirements, allowing students to apply the concepts learned in industry projects with personalized mentorship from experienced faculty and industry experts. It gives you a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical, hands-on experience for an unparalleled learning experience. Some important concepts covered in the program are Python for data science, advanced SQL, exploratory data analysis, inferential statistics, linear and logistic regression, neural networks, and gesture recognition.

This 6-month program is suitable for working professionals who want to advance their careers in data science and deep learning job roles. Educational background in mathematics, software engineering, analytics, statistics, and related fields suits this course.

Post Graduate Programme in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Training Provider – Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani

This Post Graduate Programme in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is an 11-month online Bootcamp designed to help professionals understand the various building blocks of AI. The instructors focus on important topics like regression, feature engineering, classification, unsupervised learning and association rule mining, text mining, deep learning, and artificial neural networks. The program culminates in an 8-week Capstone Project where candidates must work on real-world problems and design solutions based on AI and ML techniques.

The program involves 6 courses, each associated with a comprehensive exam. A candidate must hold a BE/BTech degree or equivalent to be eligible for the program. Those with M.Sc. in Mathematics or Statistics are also eligible for the program.

The list is by no means exhaustive, and new programs get introduced from time to time. So, you must check out the course curriculum, online reviews, instructor profiles, course duration, program fee, learning mode, and other factors before deciding which program best matches your unique learning needs.

Are you ready to get certified?

Pursuing AI and ML certification offers numerous benefits to individuals looking to advance their careers in the rapidly growing fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. These certifications provide a structured learning experience, hands-on projects, and practical experience that can help professionals develop new technologies and implement solutions to complex problems. By earning an AI or ML certification, individuals can differentiate themselves from their peers, gain access to better job prospects, and receive higher salaries.

Moreover, certification programs provide unparalleled personalized mentorship, 360-degree career assistance, and an unparalleled learning experience from experienced faculty and industry experts. So, achieving an AI and ML certification is a smart choice for those looking to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving job market and make a meaningful impact on society. All the training as mentioned above programs are worth your time and money, and you can choose any of them to start your AI journey.

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