Best Hidden Facebook Spy Apps

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best hidden facebook spy apps

Are you looking for an app to spy on facebook? This article will introduce you to the best spy apps for Facebook in terms of functionality and customer support. After trying many apps, I found the ones that can be used to spy on Facebook Messenger. These apps are widespread among parents and employers. Kids are currently using Facebook and tend to be addicted to it. You must use a spy app to track your Facebook activity. Below we will share reviews of the best facebook spy apps.

The main feature of the apps featured in this article is that they work in the background, and the people being monitored are not even aware of it. Once it is successfully installed on the target device, you can monitor chats, messages, and many other Facebook activities. You can select any listed apps to spy on Facebook and check if your child is safe in this digital world.

What are Hidden Facebook Spy Apps

A spy app is a program that secretly checks messages and calls logs, monitors incoming and outgoing calls, texts, and locations, and quickly accesses someone else’s phone without a password to view all records and control the other party’s phone.

These applications are hidden on the target cell phone, and cell phone users cannot see these applications and cannot detect that they are being watched. With Facebook spy apps, you can remotely track Facebook Messenger conversations along with the corresponding time and date stamps. Tracking Facebook Messenger chats Access media files saved on the target device from Messenger. View time, date, and contact marks. You can export Facebook chat data as a spreadsheet outside the server.

How Do Apps to Spy on Facebook Work

As with the TikTok spy apps, Facebook spy apps work by giving monitors remote access to view or perform actions on the target phone. These apps usually provide much more than just access to Facebook and other leading social networks – they can also allow monitors to view text messages, record phone calls, and obtain phone locations via GPS.


Facebook spy apps must be installed on the target phone. Once installed, they are designed to be hard to detect and work in stealth mode. Most users will not know they are being watched when a Facebook spy app is active.

Best Facebook Spy Apps

The following spyware applications allow you to hide the application icon when installed on the target device or are automatically hidden after a successful installation. By hiding the app, you will enable it to run silently in the background and remain undetected. Plus, these apps are installed under familiar names like system services or system updates, so your kids won’t suspect anything, even if they stumble across something.

Before you decide which best facebook spy apps to choose, consider the pros and cons to find the right app for you. We present our selection of the best facebook spy apps without further ado.

uMobix – Facebook spy app for iPhone and Android

uMobix is ​​another option that makes the list of the best facebook spy app for iphone that really works. The prices for this spy app are very reasonable, especially compared to its wide range of features. Although we will discuss the features later in this article, let’s mention a few eye-catching ones – call tracking, SMS monitoring, GPS location tracking, and keylogger.

One of the key advantages of uMobix mobile spyware is the ease of installation. If you want to use the spy app on the iOS system, you can access the data simply by entering the object’s iCloud credentials, and uMobix can give you a free download. If the user is using Android, you need to get one-time physical access to the device. Customer service is very responsive, as reported by many users online.


  • The uMobix spy app lets you access your gallery and other media on your phone.
  • This mobile spy app also has a built-in keylogger to track keystrokes.
  • You can track all kinds of social networks.
  • The app also has a GPS location tracking feature.

Spystealth – Hidden Facebook Spy App

SpyStealth allows you to track messages sent through other applications such as facebook messenger spy app, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, iMessage, and others. It also tracks any activity on the Facebook social network that extends to other instant messaging alternatives. This app gives you the ability to track any messages sent or received through Gmail email, sending you a link to YouTube videos viewed on your device and completing web history monitoring.

Spystealth offers many features that allow you to track overall device usage beyond messaging and app usage. Using the software, you can view any photos taken with the device being tracked, all the contacts stored on the device, and even what music, allowing you to save the whole track of any device user’s contact capability. You can track where your child or co-worker is or has been using GPS tracking. The program allows you to view maps of all visited locations (provided the locations have a GPS signal), so you can determine where your child or employee is currently.


Hoverwatch is App to Spy on Facebook Messenger

You can’t have too much of a good thing, can you? The best phone spying app Hoverwatch is a spy app that can do everything. This monitoring app does everything from location tracking and social media monitoring to front-facing camera photography and phone tracking on multiple devices – it’s a facebook spy app for android.

The nice thing about this spy app is that you don’t even need to root your device. It also has a silent mode feature that allows you to do all this while remaining completely invisible to the target device user. It is one of a kind.


  • It has a tracker for messaging apps like Facebook.
  • It can track multiple devices.
  • It keeps a phone call log and browser history in an intuitive web control panel.
  • It stores all multimedia files shared through social networks and chat apps.
  • It supports real-time GPS tracking.


All of the facebook spy apps listed here are top-notch and work great on Android and iOS devices. What’s more, they can all be hidden on the target Android and iOS phones. If your device is not rooted and you are a bit confused about your choices, our article should have helped you in choosing the right app for you. In this way, we hope that you can finally decide which app to buy.


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