Savvy Seniors – Best Tech To Keep Seniors Healthy, Happy, and Connected

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best tech to keep seniors healthy happy and connected

In 2022, seniors have more technology available to them than during any previous point in history. With automation and integration leading the vanguard of the tech industry, seniors can better integrate and operate within a rapidly-changing techno-centric society.

What are some of the innovative ways technology is reshaping the lives of seniors? Check out the following list of the best tech keeping seniors healthy, happy, and connected in 2022.

Zoom Helps Seniors Stay in Contact With Friends and Family

In many ways, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people communicate. By necessity, business, commerce, court proceedings, and yes—social affairs—moved online. Even though the most severe effects of the lockdowns are behind us, many technological adjustments to our communications systems remain in place.

Seniors benefit from the advent of zoom and telecommunications immensely. Not only are they able to meet regularly with friends and family from the safety of their own home, but they can see a doctor in record time through the burgeoning field of telehealth.

It has never been easier for people to connect, go to conferences, attend concerts, and conduct business from the relative safety and comfort of their own senior living campus. These benefits will continue to shape the lives of senior citizens as society transitions towards the metaverse and a fully immersive online experience.

Smart Devices Like Apple Watches Help Monitor Health

One of the many things wearable health monitors like the Apple Watch does is constantly track your heart health with an ECG sensor. Some degree of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is present in 70% to 75% of adults ages 60 to 70. Having a device that monitors your vitals and provides health screenings in real-time is essential for America’s elderly population.

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Devices like Apple Watches come equipped to monitor heart health, but they also have emergency SOS features that help emergency services quickly and efficiently locate a person in danger using GPS technology.

Instead of using a secondary service like LifeAlert, smart devices like Apple Watches do that and more.

Smart Speakers Help Seniors Interface With Technology Through Voice Commands

Voice-controlled smart speakers help seniors interface with technology that might otherwise be difficult to access due to vision impairments. More than just speakers, these devices can control a wide range of tech in the house—from the TV to the AC.

Not only do smart speakers allow people to communicate directly with their integrated smart devices, but they also help in other ways. Features like Alexa help people answer questions and learn things about their world simply by asking questions.

Smart Doorbells Help Seniors Monitor Their Home Security

Moving right along with interconnected devices, smart doorbells give seniors an added level of security by allowing them to monitor visitors to their homes using any smartphone or tablet. Smart locks give people control over their home security from a distance, allowing seniors to let friends, family, and healthcare professionals in and keep unwanted guests out.

Seniors don’t even need to be home to monitor and control access to their homes. Due to interconnectivity between devices, a senior vacationing in California can unlock their front door in New York remotely.

Tracking Stickers Help Seniors Find Misplaced Items

A less-heralded but not less-useful smart tech is tracking stickers. These small GPS tracking devices can easily fit on phones, tablets, keys, pill containers, and other essential items. In the off-chance they get misplaced, it’s extremely easy to relocate them.

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Smart Tech is Making Seniors’ Lives Safer, Easier, and More Comfortable

As 2022 rolls along, smart tech is making life easier, healthier, and more fun for seniors! What smart tech devices do you think you’ll bring into your life?

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