Enabling Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring of Shipping Containers through Technology  

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enabling real time tracking and monitoring of shipping containers through technology

Whether you are a homeowner expecting a shipment to aid in the completion of a renovation or are a large organization with goods headed overseas, the tracking and monitoring of your shipping containers in real-time is an integral part of the process. Without real-time tracking and monitoring of shipping containers, businesses will lose both inventory and revenue, producing a trickle effect in the overall economy that is negative and reductive.

This is why businesses such as premiershippingcontainers.com.au will only use premier shipping containers that are equipped with the latest technology, so that you can track all of your containers and goods in real-time. The last thing that you want is for a shipment to go dark, or to be in transit somewhere without your organization having a single clue where it is. In many cases, the time a shipment goes dark is not always a cause for concern, but it can be if your organization does not have the tools to locate it quickly. Learn more about the many different technologies being used today to overcome that potential shipping hazard.

The Uncertainty of Shipments

When you are shipping goods in containers, there are a number of things that could go wrong. Containers could be lost, entire shipments could be lost, or you may just lose track of them when they are not lost at all. This happens for a number of reasons. In some cases, containers can easily be shipped to the wrong port or location, and an error such as this has the potential to put delivery time off by months.

For companies that are using shipping containers, this will result in revenue losses that could mean tens of thousands to millions of dollars, depending on the product and the company. Shipping containers get lost all of the time and also get stolen because they are containers of revenue and product that can be used for another organization’s or person’s gain.

With real-time tracking and monitoring of systems and containers, this uncertainty and dread go away. Like the technology used to track a personal mobile device, technology can be used to track containers going overseas. In many cases, when using the right shipping company, this technology is even more advanced. Tools such as IoT technology and GPS systems offer benefits that produce peace of mind and alleviate uncertainties with shipping containers abroad or across the nation. No longer do your administrative assistants need to call a company to locate a shipment, when that can easily be determined by logging into a shipper’s system to locate it yourself in much less time, and in real-time.

Sensors and Connectivity

The IoT in shipping containers overseas or across the country includes sensors and connectivity interfaces. A sensor applied to a shipping container helps in identifying locations when needed, while the connectivity technology sends the signal to all relevant stakeholders and applications so that everybody knows where the containers are at all times.

These sensors are equipped with GPS technology that relies on information from global satellites in order to produce real-time information on location tracking. They are easy and affordable and make shipping containers a more affordable process than ever. Sensors can be connected to the containers themselves to send GPS signals. For loss prevention, many shipping containers today are built with the sensors to ensure the temptation to easily remove a sensor is eliminated.

There are costs associated with this that can be compared with alternative methods of shipping. Data being sent to satellites can be expensive and can run at a per-container rate, that could be something in the area of $10 monthly per container. You also have to ensure that these sensors are equipped with long-lasting batteries.

Benefits of Technology in Real-Time Shipping Situations

The benefits of this kind of technology are clear. This technology is going to produce the most accurate data in real-time, and is easily accessible typically even on 4G and LTE networks. This increases the visibility of shipping containers for managers and all employees connected to the tracking and delivery of these containers.

Technology that helps to track shipping containers in real-time will also help to eliminate a lot of manual work connected to shipping. In addition to increased visibility of both the shipments and the employees around them, technology such as GPS or an Automatic Identification System (AIS) can help in reducing error and costs across the board.

In addition to tracking devices on actual shipments, technology such as AIS positions transponders on board vessels in order to provide precise information about everything connected to the vessel, including its speed and location. Technology such as this will only improve with time.

Save Time and Money With Premium Shipping Services

When you are using shipping containers for any product or project, today’s shipping containers offer real-time technology that is integrated across many logistics channels in order to produce the most accurate results. The benefits are clear. Businesses will save time, reduce losses, and save money when they use shipping containers equipped with the latest advances in technology. Consider changing your shipping service today.

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