Looking for a Reasonably Priced Wall Fan? Here Are Our Top Recommendations

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top recommendations if looking for reasonably priced wall fan

Though ceiling fans are one of the most widely used types of fans, sometimes installing a ceiling fan in a room is not an option. For instance,  installing a ceiling fan in a room with a low hanging ceiling may pose safety issues for the occupants. Similarly, sometimes the rooms are too big for a ceiling fan to deliver air to every nook and corner of a room. In such cases, it is advisable to install a wall fan. But many people avoid installing wall fans with ceiling fans, assuming that wall fans prices are way too high. That, however, is not true. To clear the air, in this post, we list four reasonably priced wall fans from Luminous India that will bust the common misconception of wall fans being too expensive.

Speed Max

If you are looking for a power-packed fan that offers a high air delivery then you must check out the Speed Max. It comes with a strong motor that generates 2200 RPM fan speed. No wonder the Speed Max is one of the most powerful wall fans in its category. Some notable features of the fan are its aerodynamically designed blades and its thermal overload protection feature to prevent any sort of breakdown in case of temperature rise due to overload.


  • Fan Size –  400 mm (16  inches)
  • Power Consumption – 120 Watt
  • Air Delivery – 100 CMM
  • Fan Speed – 2200 RPM
  • Color – Blue-White

Buddy Cabin

True to its name, the Buddy cabin is a perfect cooling partner for those working out of small cabins or office spaces. This cute-looking wall fan although compact in size offers powerful personalized cooling. The Buddy Cabin comes with aerodynamically designed blades that offer a high air thrust. The best thing about this wall fan is that it assures Hi-Speed performance with a minimal power consumption of 80 Watts only.


  • Fan Size – 300 mm (12 inches)
  • Power Consumption – 80 Watts
  • Air Delivery – 58 CMM
  • Fan Speed – 2100 RPM
  • Color – Pristine White, Royal Orange

Speed Plus

The Speed Plus is one of the bestselling wall fans from the house of Luminous India. This beautiful-looking wall fan is designed to spruce up the aesthetics of any space where they are installed. If you are looking for a reliable wall fan that offers superior air cooling then you must definitely consider buying this fan as it outshines some of the best wall fans in the country. The Speed Plus, just like the Speed Max comes with the thermal overload production feature that adds to the benefits of buying this fan.


  • Fan Size – 400 mm (16  inches)
  • Power Consumption – 130 Watt
  • Air Delivery – 100 CMM
  • Fan Speed – 2100 RPM
  • Color – White

Kraze Plus

The Kraze Plus is another feather in the cap of Luminous India. The wall fan is a perfect blend of power, strength, and beauty. The Kraze Plus is a Hi-SPeed fan with a strong body and deep-contoured aerodynamically designed fan blades. The best part about the fan is that despite its strong motor it offers a noiseless performance so that you can enjoy the blissful silence in the comfort of your home. It also has a knob mechanism that allows easy neck-tilting.


  • Fan Size – 400 mm (16 inches)
  • Power Consumption – 130 Watt
  • Air Delivery – 100 CMM
  • Fan Speed – 2100 RPM

Want more such wall fans?

If you want to check out more such wall fans, visit Luminous India’s portal where you will find a wide range of wall fans. All their fans are reasonably priced and come with extraordinary features. The best part is that Luminous offers a generous warranty on its wall fans which means you can rest assured about the performance of these fans.

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