Adorn Yourself in Gold with Dhanteras Special Jewellery

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adorn yourself gold with dhanteras special jewellery

As the season of Diwali makes its way into our homes, it goes without saying that gifts are going to be exchanged and bought for your family and friends. Amidst all the shenanigans, traditional gold and silver jewellery are bought in greater amounts than the rest of the year. The season of Diwali brings the best deals and discounts when it comes to jewellery. Dhanteras special, everyone in the family goes out to the market set especially for that day, to fill their homes and jewellery boxes with some amazing goodies and beauty.

If you wish to buy some dainty pieces for your spouse, or if you wish to buy them for yourself, Mia by Tanishq has it all! Let us take a sneak peek into their latest collection of Dhanteras special jewelleries and witness a wide range of designs in every form.

14kt Yellow Gold Sun And Moon Bangle

The sun and moon bangle by Mia by Tanishq is a clear example of how beautiful Diwali gifting can be. The skillful finish on the golden globes depicted as the sun and moon is a thing of absolute beauty. This can become a perfect gift for your loved ones this Dhanteras special.

22kt Yellow Gold Effortless Contemporary Carved Spherical Elements Studded Gold Chain

This minimal gold chain will go perfectly with the sun and moon bangle, this Dhanteras special. This chain can go with any and everything. It can be paired with traditional clothing as well as modern ethnic clothing. It becomes a perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones; the choice is yours!

Enhance your festive ensemble with the timeless allure of gold jewelry this Dhanteras, and consider adding a touch of elegance to your look by exploring unique toe ring designs for women, available at Shop Toe Rings for Women.

14kt Yellow Gold Sublime Swirls Hoop Earrings

As the name suggests, sublime; that is exactly what Mia by Tanishq is going for this Dhanteras special. The above-showcased chain and bangle will go seamlessly with these hoop earrings; in a way, we are creating the entire jewellery set by picking up some of the best minimal and sublime pieces Mia by Tanishq has to offer

 14kt Yellow And Rose Gold Crown Finger Ring

 This rose gold crown finger ring is an extraordinary example of how rose gold can bring out the best in you. These days, rose gold is in demand with the modern approach to jewelry; the rose gold color has become incomparably popular. Pairing it with a chic or modern–ethnic outfit should be your go-to for this Dhanteras special.

As the season of lights returns, we make way for prosperity and goodwill with all we have. By buying traditional metals like gold and silver, it is believed that good luck is welcomed into our lives with open arms.

It brings along a new chance to make everything fall into place, which can also mean getting your gold jewellery affairs in order. With Dhanteras special comes an investment opportunity that serves as a fashion statement and conscious buying.

We all buy precious metals during Diwali, but why is that?

In regard to Hindu mythology, Goddess Lakshmi submerged from the ocean, holding a pot of gold in her hands during the high tide of the sea. So, to gain blessings from her, people put their faith in gold and started to always invest during this time of the year to welcome wealth, prosperity and auspiciousness in their home for the upcoming year.

Diwali is the festival of shining lights, and what is a better way than becoming a shining light yourself? Diwali calls for decoration, not only gracing our surroundings but also ourselves.

Shine bright like a diamond this Diwali, bejewelled with some of the best ornaments straight out of Mia by Tanishq’s phenomenal collection. So take a look and get your hands on some priceless gold and silver jewellery!

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