Windows 10 Release Date, Latest News, Price and Features

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windows 10 release date latest news price and features

Windows 10 (codenamed Threshold) is the latest version of operating system in the line of its operating systems after Windows 8.1. The coming operating system is now in technical preview stage and assumed to be released in the late of 2015. The most awaited things you know what Start Menu is back in Windows 10.

Microsoft has revealed Windows 10 with Start Menu along with Metro UI support. The next version would be the mixture of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and no doubt its own new set of features.

Here, we made a quick list of some key points of Windows 10 you might want to know:

  1. Traditional Microsoft official browser Internet Explorer would no longer be in Windows 10 and is replaced by Spartan Browser.
  2. Upgrade to Windows 10 would be of course, free for Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users for the first year. However, they didn’t mentioned still that would Microsoft charge if user does not upgrade in the first year. They now believe to convert it pirated copy of Windows into the genuine one.
  3. The latest Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10051 is out and can be downloaded freely at its Microsoft Official Site.
  4. Windows 10 will launch in late 2015 and now currently in beta testing.
  5. Some new included features of Windows 10 include Cortana, Project Spartan, Xbox Live integration, and DirectX 12, HoloLens to create custom 3D models.

Windows 10 latest news:-

Microsoft has accelerated its schedule of releasing new builds and taking reviews of costumers quickly. With the latest release build 10051, they included Spartan project (released in build 10049), Calendar and Mail apps. Both Calendar and Mail app has visual features.

Currently Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones is available also to download. Phones should receive updates around the same time as PC and tablet users.

Despite of a scheduled dates of releasing Technical Preview updates of Windows 10, Microsoft has one more update this month which will be focused on the visual structure of the operating system.

Windows 10 release dates:-

The operating system will made operating system available in 190 countries and 111 languages on launched as a part of effort to engage users in China. China currently has maximum number of users.

With the latest release of update, Alarms and clocks, Calculator and Voice Recorder has been included with the new updates. Despite of having traditional UI of Win32 calculator, they have upgraded a new awesome UI for calculator. Spartan browser is not updated and is preview is available. User can now scroll windows with just hovering cursor on them.

On march 18, Support for China, France, Germany etc. added for Cortana. An update to print files to pdf format released by which users now can print files directly to pdf files instead of printing its hard copy. Start button with new small button and a new hover animation. Start Menu was changed to transparent.

On January 23, they updated start menu with full screen button. Settings were updated with new layout. Alarm app included with World Clock, timer and stop watch. Taskbar re-styled with new opaque appearance, smaller application icons, and underlines to denote active applications.

On November 12, sync with OneDrive app with selected files. Task View and Search button can be hidden anytime.

On October 21, this was a new update which fixed almost all bugs with windows 10 Technical preview. They released an update able to fix over 7K bugs in single update. Pop-up notification timing was extended so that user would not see the notification again and again.

Oldest one, October 1, first release of windows 10 technical preview changed all app integration with introduction of windows 7 start menu again. New options, including word wrap and Control key keyboard shortcuts in consoles such as user can now paste text even in command prompt pressing key combination of ctrl+v with a fullscreen mode usable on both the 32 and 64-bit versions.

Windows 10 System requirements:-

Still, Microsoft loves his customers and tries to provide best experience with light–weight software and operating systems. Windows user worldwide and specially, in India has low configuration PC’s and hence, can’t run heavy operating systems. Microsoft takes care of that. Hence, here is the quick list what are the minimum system requirements of windows 10:-

  1. Processor:- 1 GHz (32 bit or 64 bit operating system supported)
  2. Memory (RAM):-
  • For 32 bit (x32*) – 1 GB RAM
  • For 64 bit (x64) – 2 GB RAM
  1. Graphics Card:- DirectX 9 Graphics Device
  2. Display Screen:- 800×600 pixals
  3. Input Devices:- Keyboard and Mouse
  4. Hard Disk:-
  • For 32 bit (x32*) – 16 GB Minimum
  • For 64 bit (x64) – 20 GB Minimum

Windows 10 price:-

The good news is for all windows 7, windows 8 and 8.1 users that Windows 10 will be free to upgrade from existing Windows 7/8/8.1 editions within the first 12 months of release.

Windows 7/8/8.1 users can upgrade to Windows 10 Technical Preview with existing operating system but Windows vista and other OS’s users would need to do a clean install.

This time, Microsoft is bringing a unified approach to its operating systems. The same OS will work across desktops, laptops, tablets, hybrids, phones and Xbox, adjusting automatically for each device’s screen size and automatically detecting if a keyboard and mouse are present.

Windows plans to move from “pirated to genuine” copy of windows with release of windows 10. The users who are using a pirated copy of windows, Microsoft now would allow everyone to upgrade from windows 7/8/8.1 to windows 10 at free of cost. The biggest quantity of users are in china where almost each pc is running pirated copy of windows.

With windows 10, although may be non-genuine copy of windows would be able to upgrade to genuine one. Microsoft does not release non-genuine copy and it is properly licensed if they release. However, customers would find that even after upgrade their copy of windows 10 is not genuine as they were using pirated copy. Regardless, windows would not penalized anyone. They understand their customers.

Microsoft still not announced how much it will charge for buying a copy of windows 10. They may announce it with the release of windows 10.

Though, windows 10 was assumed to be grand change in Microsoft Windows series with the introduction of Metro User Interface (UI) but it got a mixed review and support and hence finally, Microsoft released windows 10 with the mixture of both windows 7 and windows 8.1.

Thanks. So, how do you feel after experiencing windows 10 Technical Preview? Let me know that.

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