6 Summer Vacation Packing Essentials for Men

Stuart Williams
By Stuart Williams 5 Min Read
summer vacation packing essentials for men

Summer is right around the corner; for most people, that means plenty of vacation time. While vacationing is important for unplugging and recharging, it can still be a source of stress for some people, especially regarding what they need to pack. While packing like a minimalist seems like a good idea for many people, it’s unrealistic, but that doesn’t mean you have to bring the whole kit and caboodle. If you’re a guy with travel plans this summer and are looking for a paired-down essential list to ensure you have everything you need but aren’t checking two bags, keep reading for your summer vacation packing Essentials.

Important Documents and Identification

Whether you store it in a ziplock bag or invest in a leather case for these items having all your important documents like your traveling itinerary, tickets identification, whether it’s a driver’s license or passport all in one place is essential you should also include a list of important emergency phone numbers.

Small First Aid Kit

Your plans might include a road trip or a transatlantic flight, but having a tiny first aid kit is always a great idea because luck favors the prepared. You don’t need to have everything because no matter where you are in the world, emergency help is close, but a small portable first aid kit that fits easily into your backpack or carry-on is key.

Capsule Wardrobe

One way to travel light is to work with a capsule wardrobe while you’re traveling if you need clarification on what a capsule wardrobe is, it’s a few pieces that all work together to make multiple outfits. Basics like a white T-shirt and a black T-shirt, one pair of jeans, one pair of shorts, and a light layer, whether a denim jacket or thin pullover sweater, are all you need. Be realistic about the type of shoes you need for where you’re traveling and wear one on the day of travel and pack one pair. Clothing tends to take up the most space and luggage, so sticking to a capsule wardrobe is key.

Important Accessories

Depending on your plans of where you’re headed, there will be times when you want to dress up and other times when your casual accessories, which are much smaller to pack than clothing, are the way to elevate your appearance. Accessories like jewelry, scarves, and hats are important, but you should also consider accessories like cologne that are perfect for a date night on vacation, so be sure to include your Sauvage Cologne in your dopp kit.

A Gift for Your Partner

If you’re headed out on vacation with your significant other, bringing a gift for them does need to be on your packing list. While you may consider the vacation itself, a present with something special for your special person will only make the experience much better. Whether it’s a new bikini top for your girlfriend, an engagement ring for someone you know is “the one,” or even just a bottle of wine to share in your bungalow vacation, gifts are a trend that has been emerging for the last couple years and one worth trying.

Tech Essentials

While a huge part of vacationing is to unplug from the world, we can’t deny that technology is a critical part of our lives, so you want to bring all your Tech Essentials with you, from noise-canceling headphones for your plane or train commute, adapters that will work with the outlets to the country you’re traveling to and of course your tablet and your smartphone. If you have another camera aside from the one on your smartphone, make sure that you carry it on with you as these are highly expensive and would be a crushing loss if they got devastated, but for many men, their camera and its gear are a tech essential you need to include on your packing list.

There are other essentials you’ll want to include, like SPF, your swimsuit, and things specific to the location you’re headed, but the above packing list items are important for every man, no matter where his vacation takes him. Stay prepared by including them all on your packing list. Happy Trails!

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