How To Build a Solar Generator

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how to build solar generator

Did you know that standard generators are not only bad for the environment as they use gasoline or diesel for fuel, but they can also be deadly, killing 80 people on average each year?

With more and more power outages due to climate-change related events, this number is likely to increase. As part of a move towards cleaner, safer energy, more people are turning to solar generators, which are better for the environment, and do not produce deadly carbon monoxide fumes.

Ready to make the switch? Keep reading to learn how to build a solar generator!

What Is a Solar Generator?

A solar generator is a portable power station that harnesses the sun’s energy using solar panels. This energy is then transported to a storage system or battery within the station. Portable solar generators are capable of charging your devices and even small appliances without using any energy from the grid.

How to Build a Solar Generator

In order to set up your own solar energy station, you will need the following parts:

  • A sturdy case, preferably with wheels to make it more portable-friendly
  • Solar panel
  • Solar power inverter (AC)
  • Solar charge controller
  • Battery
  • AC power inlet
  • Battery maintainer

You may also want to consider getting an LED floodlight to attach, so you can use your station as a source of light. This is useful whether you are at home during an outage or are using the generator to power a campsite.

You will then need to individually test the solar panel, power inverter, charge controller, and battery maintainer to make sure they are working properly on their own before assembling them into a station.

Once you have everything gathered and tested, it’s time to put it all together. You need to start by making the needed holes in your case, so that outlets are accessible without having to open it. Then, you need to install the battery and solar charge controller.

Next, install the inverter, making sure that there is enough space for air to flow. After getting all the parts set up in your case, your last step will be to install all the wiring. Once the wiring and fuses are set, your solar generator will be ready for use!

Solar Generator Guide

If you are looking at the list of components and instructions on how to build a solar generator and starting to feel overwhelmed, you’re in luck! There are two other options for obtaining portable solar energy that require less effort.

Firstly, there are pre-made solar generators that are already fully functional and ready to go upon purchase. Click on the link to find out more about pre-made solar generators.

If you want to still have some amount of involvement in the process of building a solar generator, but find the list of components intimidating, there are kits that come with all the needed parts. All you have to do is put them together.

Cobalt-Free Batteries

While solar generators produce clean energy, they still rely on lithium-ion batteries, which require cobalt, a material that must be mined. In addition to cobalt being expensive, it is often mined by child laborers working in inhumane conditions. Luckily, this material may no longer be needed, which would make solar generators even more sustainable.

Many companies are working on producing cobalt-free batteries. These batteries will cost less too, so keep your eye out for this burgeoning technology!

Here Comes the Sun

Now that you know how to build a solar generator, you are ready to join the increasing number of people choosing clean, affordable energy. You can take your portable solar generator with you wherever you need power, and will never be left in the dark during outages again!

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