What is Secure File Sharing?

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what is secure file sharing

Secure file sharing is a process for sharing documents, files, photos, audio and video, and other online files. Security should be ensured in order to protect sensitive files from a hacker attack. Various tools are used for this purpose.

Importance of File Sharing

When it comes to document management, synchronization, storage, and sharing are very important. Usually, such features are of importance in the work of enterprises and large corporations. Robust file protection will be especially necessary if they depend on cloud solutions. To support remote employees or a large number of transactions, there must be strong encryption. This is the way to ensure the safety and security of provided confidential data, which can be stored on different devices.

If an entity decides to take advantage of secure file sharing software, then it will be able to ensure the secure handling of certain content. The Secure File Sharing service has the capability to create a great shadow IT infrastructure. It can be used for business tasks or different applications. In this way, the risk associated with collaboration is reduced and finally, access to work files is provided, regardless of time or location.

Should you use non-approved applications for work, management will have greater responsibility for cybersecurity. To reduce the risks during shared work, you need to use strong encryption of files that employees require to work remotely.

Secure File Sharing

To create secure documents, you need to use a special tool that is responsible for managing and storing files. Such services distribute the security of files between different devices and are also responsible for their synchronization. The main criteria for a secure file sharing solution include:

  1. Protecting content by using flexible storage. The growth of remote and modern enterprise operations is significant and there is a need to move large files to the cloud. In this process, it is important to choose reliable storage. You can use a server and activate client access to securely transfer files. Such solutions can have unlimited cloud storage. Everyone who has access to the file will be able to appreciate the flexibility to connect to different systems. Many large companies have their own storage, which is managed by the employees of the IT department. Companies can choose their own cloud services and file access providers. All of the above is used in the development of content repositories.
  2. Sharing large files. When working with large files together, there is a significant issue that relates to secure sharing. Sending large files via email is unreasonable, to say the least. Using USB seems to be an outdated method and there are certain associated risks. For example, a device can be lost. However, the biggest security issue is the use of an unauthorized cloud or a dangerous application. For secure file sharing, you need to use a simpler alternative and choose a reliable internal enterprise policy tool.
  3. File synchronization. This way you can protect any files on different devices. The main advantage of file sharing in business is the possibility to synchronize them. There are different platforms for file sharing and synchronization between devices such as PC, Android, and Mac. For example, you can sync files from your tablet or mobile device with other devices. Users will have access to documents at any location.
  4. Integrations. Often users are faced with the problem that content is located in different network platforms and personal cloud packages. Shared access will be required then. You need to be able to easily integrate with the necessary services.

It is important to keep in mind that files can be exchanged indefinitely. It is convenient when this function is available in a mobile application, which has a clear interface and is reliable. Before considering how to encrypt a pdf file, it is important to identify a secure tool.

When it comes to shared document handling, it should be possible to synchronize, ensure feedback support, and provide the availability of electronic signatures. Sometimes additional features can be built in. The main point is to ensure a productive and secure workflow.

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