The Latest Social Media Marketing Trends That You Should Use Today

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By Stuart Williams 7 Min Read
latest social media marketing trends that you should use today

Social media has gotten a lot of attention over the years. It’s caused people to go from browsing random websites to scrolling social media news feeds. It’s gotten so popular that many people now spend most of their time on social media websites.

That’s why social media is such a great tool for marketing. Now that 59% of the world’s population uses social media, you can access new markets quickly and make your business known.

However, the world of social media marketing does change often, so it pays to know the latest trends in the industry. Below are the biggest trends in social media that you need to create innovative marketing strategies.

Expanding Social Commerce

People don’t rely on stores to recommend products as much anymore. People are tired of watching traditional ads, so they turn to their networks to get recommendations for products.

One popular way people do this is through influencers. They follow popular people on social media websites and purchase what they recommend.

You can take advantage of this now that many social media websites integrate e-commerce into their platforms. You can work with influencers and your own social media accounts to sell products to people without directing them to your website. Doing this will reduce friction in buying and give people the immediate satisfaction of purchasing products without hassle.

Increased Influencer Marketing

As mentioned above, more people than ever turn to influencers to get product recommendations. As people continue to turn away from traditional media and advertising, more people will begin growing their online presence and getting attention.

That means influencer marketing will continue to grow in the future. With more online platforms coming online that give people exposure, you’ll see more people building audiences of people likely to buy your products.

You can stick with the big influencers or search for up-and-coming stars that have a chance of blowing up your products.

Better Customer Service

Many people don’t go to business websites to get support anymore. Doing so is a hassle, and finding the right place to get help isn’t always easy.

It’s more straightforward for people to talk to brands directly on social media websites. Anybody can message your customer support representatives if you leave your messaging open. You can also use software to combine your social media message inboxes on one screen.

Doing this will allow you to create a more seamless customer service experience. People don’t need to jump through hoops to get support, and you can easily manage your support and get back to people promptly.

More Paid Ads

You don’t have to rely on only organic traffic with social media. While you can get by posting killer content and getting people to share, that isn’t your only way to do things. You can also pay to promote your posts to other people.

With how busy social media is with other companies, it’s sometimes hard to stand out from the crowd. You may have great content and still struggle to get attention.

That’s why paying for social media ads is so beneficial. You can boost your social media posts to interested people and get more engagement for your brand. Many people who see your boosted posts will start following you, which means you can reach them for free later.

Improved Augmented Reality

Brands are experimenting more with how customers interact with their brands. Searching product sites and social media with static images is not much fun. You can’t imagine yourself as the owners of a product as well in that situation.

Augmented reality will change the game. You can see what furniture looks like in your home, how you appear with certain clothes, and much more. That offers a far better experience for your customers.

Expect augmented reality technology to improve more over the following years and more businesses to expand their capabilities.

More Viral Content

One of the best parts of social media marketing is the ability to go viral. You put tons of effort into creating excellent content, and your viewers reward you by liking and sharing your content.

In some cases, your content will go viral and be shown to many people. This can happen because of a lot of Twitter or Insta likes or enough people sharing your posts that it gets spread everywhere.

In either case, your brand will get exposed to more people and won’t cost you any more money. In many cases, this exposure is far more than you would get by promoting your brand on your own.

Increased Short-Form Video

Tiktok changed the way people consumed video content on the internet. It’s a platform that allows users to produce short videos and has an algorithm that mass distributes them. That’s led to many people getting the exposure they would never get otherwise.

People have gotten great at creating short videos that attract attention and spread the word about a topic. Other companies have noticed this and are starting to invest in short-form videos as a result.

YouTube has also jumped on this trend, so be on the lookout for more opportunities to create short videos for your customers.

Stay on Top of Social Media Marketing Trends

It doesn’t take much to catch a wave on social media and get tons of exposure. Sure, you can keep trying the tried-and-true social media marketing methods, but there are many more options to explore.

The above trends are a great way to expand your marketing efforts and get ahead of future marketing norms. Keep them in mind to make your job as a small business owner easier when marketing your business.

Do you want to learn more tips that will help with business ownership? Check out the blog to find more tips that will help your business marketing efforts.

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