Elevating Engagement: Live Stream or Pre-Recorded Videos for Virtual Events?

Stuart Williams
By Stuart Williams 4 Min Read
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Instead of waiting for post-production video editing like with previously recorded footage, live streaming enables instant watching. Because it is more spontaneous and participatory than pre-recorded content, when done best, it may aid in boosting audience engagement. An incredible method to connect from anywhere is through a virtual event. We can access materials and presenters that we couldn’t see in person, opening up a wide range of educational possibilities for the growth of our knowledge and relationships that may not otherwise be possible. There are uses of a 24/7 live stream of online events, just like with almost anything else in life.


In most circumstances, performing a live-streaming presentation doesn’t require many extra bells and whistles. You could need a smartphone or laptop with a camera and an active account with a streaming provider, depending on how simple you want it to be. Can a live-streamed presentation have a high production value? Yes, but they tend to be the exception rather than the rule.

More interaction

Live broadcasting gives viewers a closer peek at a brand’s identity. It could provide viewers with a behind-the-scenes look or a window into the personality of individuals associated with the company. The fact that viewers connect with individuals rather than faceless corporations demonstrates the authenticity of your brand. It could lead to greater participation on social media or in live chat services.


Engagement is a topic when discussing virtual events in general and live sessions vs. pre-recorded ones. The ability of the presenters to interact with the audience in real-time is perhaps one of the best advantages of live events. If you’ve ever viewed one of Will Curran’s webinars, you are aware of the high levels of engagement in using this technique. There is no denying that 24/7 live stream provide the opportunity to arouse attention in very dynamic and engaging ways, whether you pose humorous questions to the audience or invite them to interact with you immediately.


Live-streamed material needs less time since there is typically less production required, even if there is always a significant amount of time engaged in a presentation—research, finding assets, and rehearsing. There is a good reason why certain information gets designed and calls for more labour-intensive tasks and higher production standards, which require time to complete.

It improves manufacturing quality

Pre-recorded sessions are frequently of quality than their live-streamed equivalents since presenters can practise and record their sessions as many times as necessary. Additionally, the show’s producers may check all the recorded material to confirm the production quality is similar across the board, creating a more seamless event experience. Additionally, pre-recorded event sessions help to avoid technological problems like speakers with sluggish internet connections.


When selecting what content type is appropriate for your virtual event, consider live streaming and previously recorded options carefully before deciding what best suits your needs. Hosting successful virtual events is now easier than ever because of broad platform and abundance of connections. This platform enables you to access both forms of information in one location.

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