Integrating Advanced Technologies into Cisco Meraki for Improved Network Performance  

Stuart Williams
By Stuart Williams 6 Min Read
integrating advanced technologies into cisco meraki

When you think of cloud computing, you may never think about putting your networks on it, but you can now. With Cisco Meraki, cloud computing and wireless LAN networks merge to become an integrated solution that will improve the performance of your home or business.

Meraki products like the Cisco Meraki MX64 help you to centrally manage and secure your technological infrastructure with your networks in order to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and lower your operating costs in a business. At the same time, Cisco Meraki will make it easier and safer for all users on any network to use, with the administration of the network being managed by a single dashboard.

Integrate Technologies in Your Network

There are many different components that you can add to your Cisco Meraki network. Some organizations will add thousands at a time. Cisco Meraki offers you simplicity and efficiency and has become an industry standard for cloud-driven Wi-Fi networks and systems. The Cisco Wireless LAN can be integrated into the Cisco Meraki dashboard, along with security and SD-WAN that will help your users to connect from almost any location.

You can also include switching, mobile device management, smart cameras, and sensors for a fully automated and integrated system. Switching adds performance to your network, and mobile device management enables your organization to remotely monitor and configure every device that you have distributed within your organization.

Benefits of Integrating With Meraki Technology

In addition to improved network performance, there are a number of benefits that Meraki technology can bring in real-time.

One-Stop Security Integration

Stakeholders can use Meraki as a single location to manage the technology in their entire organization. Many organizations have hundreds or thousands of devices connected to the Meraki Dashboard, making it a single spot to configure an integrated network. Meraki offers a one-click location to improve efficiency, productivity, and security, across a wide population using cloud-based services.

In a world where the remote or hybrid workforce has grown, Meraki is an exceptional tool. Every device can be configured with security and firewalls to manage an organization effectively. When you want a network securely configured across many locations, Meraki can do that for you.

Ease of Implementation

The genius and beauty of cloud-based services are that they offer ease of implementation. Cisco Meraki embodies that. This is a solution that takes very little time to set up, and to train across key stakeholders and personnel. Within the dashboard, the administrator’s account can manage devices and their settings in a matter of minutes. This is an easy-to-use product that offers an interface that does not take a long time to learn.

While Meraki has capabilities that can accommodate the largest organizations in the world, it also serves the small business sector well. This product provides solutions for smaller teams that do not have excess resources in time or labor to manage networks. It is not only easy to implement, but its scalability to any size of business or organization is very easy to manage as well.

Improved Management of Employees

Where the Internet and devices such as the smartphone and smart tablets brought the world together and made global connectivity a smaller thing to manage, Meraki offers that through a new technology. Cisco Meraki aids network performance, which will assist in the management of employees all over the world. Gone are the days when an employee that is traveling or relocating needs to be managed with additional manpower hours. With Cisco Meraki managing a company’s physical resources, management has improved opportunities to view employee activities using cloud-based services.

Increased Security

A key advantage of cloud-based computing is the increased security that it offers both the personal user on any network and an employee or client on a large managed network. Meraki secures networks and improves connectivity between physical devices and digital data, regardless of where that data is located. With Meraki, you will experience higher levels of security on your data and devices that are fully compliant with every major standard or regulation.

Meraki is equipped with security updates and firmware updates that are consistent with security audits performed on the system regularly. This is a version of security for your organization that can not be matched by other technologies. From cloud-based smart cameras around your organization to multiple layers of two-factor authentication, Meraki offers peace of mind.

Start Using Meraki Today

When you are looking for ways to integrate technology while also securing peace of mind and improved network performance, Cisco’s Meraki is an ideal starting point. With Meraki, your organization can take advantage of a one-stop Dashboard utilizing cloud-based computing to experience improved security, and improved management of employees and devices. Try Meraki today to experience the improved performance capabilities yourself.

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