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If you are looking for the best version of Kodi with comes with pre-configured with all Kodi add-ons, then FreeTelly is for you. It is a free app that is released by TVaddons team which provides Kodi add-ons and customization. This means if you download FreeTelly for windows, you just not need to do anything further, no configuration required.

It was developed for those who are less tech-savvy but still wants to enjoy the magic of Kodi addons. It is extremely easy to install, and easiest way to get started with Kodi addons. Frankly speaking, it would take months for a newbie to understand how Kodi works and how to get used to Kodi addons as he has to learn certain kind of things. But with the FreeTelly, you can skip those steps and start enjoying the world of entertain with Kodi. That’s the magic of FreeTelly.

Below we are going to talk about how to download FreeTelly on your Windows PC and Mac. So if you belong to any category, just stick here, and you will have things in your hand very soon.

Note: Being a newbie, if you face any file error while installing FreeTelly, just uninstall and reinstall FreeTelly again with Administrator rights. This is a common problem faced by users when they have standard account access on pc and comes to face this problem.

Below we have given both links for windows and mac. Use links to download FreeTelly for windows and as well as for mac.

Is FreeTelly compatible with my operating system?

Yes, it is. It is compatible with both operating systems, i.e., windows and mac. So, download FreeTelly with any doubt and start enjoying it right away.

Moreover, if you are looking to use FreeTelly on your FireStick, Android devices or TV box, then we recommend first to install Kodi and then add Config Wizard provided by TVAddons. The combination of Kodi and Config wizard will result in the setup of FreeTelly like environment. It will serve you same stuff what FreeTelly has to offer on windows or mac.

How is FreeTelly Different?

If you are wondering why FreeTelly is preferred over other Kodi builds is because of its trust. It has been developed by the team of same developers who developed TVAddons. So no issue in trust factor. Just install FreeTelly on windows or mac and start enjoying your favorite contents on the go.

Pro tip: the best way to use FreeTelly is to use your old pc or laptop which is just biting just sitting in the corner for years. It’s the time to bring that into play and stream TV and movies easily with FreeTelly!!

Why installing FreeTelly is best? What’s the big deal?

FreeTelly itself is a big deal. Where will you get a pre-packaged and readymade bundle of addons and primary software so that you just download and start enjoying? Do you have the months of time just to learn how this Kodi thing works, how to operate it, how to install add-ons, how to configure? No! You just want to install FreeTelly for windows, and that’s it. That’s the big deal.

Also, it is developed by the official team of TVaddons, so no issue of trust. Install FreeTelly is just a matter of minutes, download and installing FreeTelly for windows and mac, launch it and choose with an awesome movie or TV series you want to watch next.

Hopefully, TVaddons teams have made this possible for us to use Kodi hassle-free. Combined with easy-to-use Kodi TV guide apps like ClawTV, finding and watching your favorite TV shows and movies are awesome.

Instructions on installing FreeTelly:

1. Follow the below-given links and download FreeTelly:

  • Download FreeTelly for Windows
  • Download FreeTelly for Mac

2. You should have administrator rights while using FreeTelly. Launch the installer, proceed to install FreeTelly.

3. Launch the FreeTelly App AS ADMINISTRATOR and STREAM ON!

Facing Problems Installing FreeTelly?

If I ask you again, did you install FreeTelly with administrator rights? If not, please go back and re-install it as ADMINISTRATOR. This happened with me too, when I unknowingly installed it on the standard account, I also got run-time errors. Then after when I re-installed FreeTelly for windows as administrator, it worked fine. Well, here are some the errors which you may see after installing FreeTelly as non-admin:

  • Missing vcredist_x64.exe
  • Missing vcredist_x32.exe
  • Missing MSVCRT.dll
  • Missing sqlite3.dll

Now, if you have followed the steps as I suggested, then you might be now enjoying your favorite content on the go.

Who Made FreeTelly? made FreeTelly, not the Kodi team. So, it’s unofficial.

What’s the Future of FreeTelly?

As FreeTelly is not so popular, the future of FreeTelly is still unknown. We hope it will not get closed or shut down due to some kind of controversy. However, with the rise in its popularity, we hope official Kodi team will consider it and take it to a whole new level of support and development.

At last, tell us in the comment section below how did you enjoy the article. If you are still facing any sort of problem install FreeTelly for windows and mac, then let us know in the comment section below. Thanks.

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