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If you download torrent files regularly, you must be familiar with SeedPeer and its uniqueness. But with the recent introduction of online streaming sites, they have taken a good share of torrent sites user-base. But the users who understands the need of SeedPeer, never left it.

Well, there are reasons why SeedPeer is one the best torrent sites. While other torrent sites are full of annoying ads and viruses, it is the best place to download files safely. Recently, when some fake groups of members tried to take the site down by destroying its trust, SeedPeer came with another solution. These fake members were trying to upload fake torrents. So, SeedPeer introduced another great featured as VERIFIED TORRENTS. This resulted into make SeedPeer even more popular. So, if you want files which are virus-free, then there is nothing better than SeedPeer.

There are many sites which offers even bigger databases of files including movies, TV series, music, software & games. But trust is the factor. SeedPeer is the only trusted source to download these files.

But these days, with the introduction of anti-piracy laws, accessing torrent sites is becoming harder. Govt has instructed ISPs to block all identified torrent sites, illegal live streaming sites. So, now using torrent sites is kind of tough.

If you are among the users who is getting this error, possibility is that your ISPs have blocked the SeedPeer from accessing.

It is happening with all kinds of sites which are promoting piracy. Govt has asked ISPs to block all torrent websites, movie streaming websites, free games & software websites if they are promoting piracy.

If you too are not able to access these sites then you don’t need to compromise at all. Just because your ISP has blocked it, doesn’t mean that you need to run for alternate torrent sites and compromise with the trust. We are here to help you in this scenario.

There are ways by which you can still access these sites. First method is to use VPN service. They simply change your IP and provides you a new IP which is not identified by your ISP and then you can easily access torrent sites. But this makes your internet speed slow as you are accessing files from another location.

Here is the catch, we recommend using proxy site. These sites are basically mirror sites of original sites. These SeedPeer proxy and mirror sites are maintained by SeedPeer staff and volunteers who are fighting for them. So basically you can use the same site under the new name until and unless your ISP has not identified and blocked that new URL too. This is the reason we keep on updating the list with the fresh and updated proxy sites.

Below are the top 10 proxy sites which you can use to access SeedPeer site and download all your favorite movies, TV shows, games etc. and enjoy:

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We keep this list fresh and updated always and whenever you are in need to accessing SeedPeer site, just use this SeedPeer proxy site list. That’s pretty much of it.

If you are still facing any sort of problem, please let us know in the comment section below. we would be more than happy to help you.

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