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We all love watching movies online and enjoying HD content without having to pay for it. Luckily, we can watch any movie or TV show on our computers thanks to convenient online torrents that allow free downloads. Online torrents offer users a wide variety of content for free and, as much as we love them, the authorities are constantly working on bringing these sites down because of illegal copyright infringement.

Despite the authorities hunting them down, plenty of torrents and mirror sites are still up and running, allowing people to watch HD movies at any time of the day. However, not all of these sites are safe to use, as some of them carry unwanted malware while others might reveal your identity. After all, you want to keep your data secure when using sites like these to make sure your device doesn’t get exposed to hackers and third parties.

1337x Torrent – The Most Reliable Active Torrent Site

1337x Torrent remains one of the most reliable online torrent sites for watching HD movies and other content. The site offers a convenient search engine designed to help you find desired content more easily. It allows you to browse different categories and search for titles by using specific keywords. Besides accurate search results, the 1337x torrent provides a wide range of categories for movies, TV shows and other downloadable material.

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Unlike many sites of this kind, 1337x torrent doesn’t force malicious downloads onto your site. In fact, this torrent has been around for over a decade and it is one of the most reliable sites for viewing pirated content. Being one of the major names in the industry, 1337x Torrent is performing quite well and it manages to stay under the radar. The original 1337x unblocked website cannot be found through ordinary search engines. The site’s operators have done a great job hiding the links and content from authorities, which has allowed them to avoid legal issues.

Since internet service providers and other authorities are constantly searching for these sites to shut them down, the 1337x proxy cannot be revealed publicly through search engines such as Google. However, we are going to show you how to find the best 1337x proxy and mirror sites to download your favorite video content.

How to Remain Safe When Using 1337x Torrent

Before we give you the list of active 1337x proxy sites, we must mention that it is important to maintain your online security when downloading torrents. The best way to stay safe is to use a VPN or a Virtual Private Service. These services are available at low monthly costs and provide full encryption of your data online, meaning no one can trace your online activities. Most importantly, a VPN connects your device through a distant server and thus keeps your real IP address masked. That way, even the most experienced hackers and authority figures cannot trace your online activities back to you.

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A VPN server will also help you access the 1337x torrent site. The website is currently accessible in Austria, UK, Germany, Thailand, Turkey, and India. If you’re not located in one of these countries, you will have to use a VPN service to access the site. Simply look for a VPN service provider who offers access to servers located in one of the above listed countries. Then connect your device through that server and your IP address will look like you’re located in the country where the server is situated. This way, you will be able to access 1337x torrent sites from anywhere in the world.

Besides helping you access the site and protecting you from hackers and authorities while downloading content, a VPN will come in handy in other aspects of using the internet as well. It will keep your data encrypted whenever you log into the VPN server. It is recommended to use VPN servers whenever you are connecting your devices through public networks, as these networks are unprotected and leave your data exposed to thousands of cyber criminals. A VPN will also allow you to access blocked content in your country or gain access to your favorite sites while traveling. Overall, it is a very smart yet quite affordable investment.

Once you’ve found the right VPN service for your needs, access one of the following 1337x proxy sites to download your favorite content:

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All of the listed mirror sites are currently active and functioning properly. Make sure to connect your device through the VPN prior to browsing the 1337x torrent to remain anonymous and keep your data safe and secure

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Conclusion – Start Watching Favorite Movies Today

As we already mentioned, torrent sites are constantly being shut down by the authorities, which leaves users with less and less sources for high definition pirated content. Luckily, one of the best torrent websites known as the 1337x torrent is still up and running, even though its original website cannot be found through regular Google search. That is why we’ve created this guide to help you access the 1337x proxy and mirror sites and start downloading your favorite movies right away!

We recommend using a Virtual Private Network server whenever you are connecting to a torrent website to make sure your data is fully encrypted, that is, hidden from any third parties who might be looking for it. Overall, 1337x torrent is a great source of HD content, featuring a remarkable user-friendly search engine that allows you to browse categories and find content faster. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or remarks regarding the guide or the site itself!

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