6 Advantages of Hiring a Custom App Builder in 2024

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By Stuart Williams 6 Min Read
advantages of hiring custom app builder

Google Play Store and iOS app store cumulatively have over 5 million apps as of 2022. While these numbers offer unlimited mobile app solutions for businesses, they could also be the same reason your business is struggling to beat the competition.

Mass-produced apps may not address all your business needs because they are built with generality in mind. This explains why many businesses are now shifting to custom apps. By doing this, these companies are giving themselves a competitive edge against rivals using ready-made apps.

Thanks to innovations like Microsoft Power Apps, building custom apps have been made simpler and more affordable.

If your company lacks the internal mechanisms to develop custom apps, you can start by hiring a custom app builder. Read on as we outline six advantages of hiring a customer app builder for your business.

Initial Support Guaranteed

Most of us can attest to having a question to an app developer that remains unanswered. We see it all over leading app stores. Frustrated clients leave questions that either remains unanswered or are brushed off with automated replies. This is the same situation facing businesses using ready-made apps.

Because you engage a custom app builder at a personal level, it’s easy to establish ground rules. One of those requirements could be the provision of support services. In most cases, app builders offer initial support at no extra cost.

It could be a simple service such as training your staff to troubleshoot common app issues. In the long run, your company benefits by cutting costs that would have been spent on maintenance.

Fewer App Errors and Faster Development Speed

Platforms such as Microsoft Powerapps have made it easy for businesses to create custom apps. However, we must acknowledge that no matter how simple it has become to create applications, non-IT personnel cannot match up to the dexterity of trained developers.

By hiring a custom app builder your business also benefits from their experience and skills. An app builder will do the job faster and with fewer errors as compared to a company staff with no app development experience and skills.

Benefit From Modern Technology

Carrying from our previous point, an app developer does more than just build an app for your business. Being a full-time developer requires constant learning and unlearning. The changes in the tech environment are so rapid that anyone not in this field could potentially be working on obsolete ideas.

App developers are abreast with developing innovations and can effectively deploy them.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Augmented Reality are some of the technologies that could massively impact your business. A custom app creator will know where to inject such innovations to create superior applications.

Save Time and Costs

Unless your staff possesses software development skills, their effectiveness cannot match that of a specialist app developer. Sure, app development platforms have made it easier for businesses to develop custom apps; however, there are several barriers, especially in the initial stages.

For instance, your staff may need to be trained on how to use these platforms and this may come at a cost. There will also be a period of trial and error as the staff familiarizes itself with the platform – which could create delays and lose the company revenues.

On the other hand, since app developers know their way around the process, it’s easier for them to get started and proceed with ease. An app developer will use a lesser time as compared to in-house staff and will deliver an app with fewer bugs.

More Assurance on App Safety

There are tens of app development platforms in the market right now, some with unverifiable security features. Your in-house team may not even be aware of this flaw or be cognizant of the fact that the app needs security features.

Deploying apps created from such platforms could spell doom for your business. Besides seepage of crucial company data, you could also face lawsuits for breach of user privacy. An app developer will notice such flaws and even introduce heightened security features to the app.

Minimize Possibility of Legal Issues

Again, there are many spheres of app development your in-house team may not be aware of. This knowledge gap could open up your business to crippling lawsuits.

Trademark or copyright infringement, breach of data privacy, breach of contract, discrimination, and miscommunication are some of the grounds for lawsuits.

If you hire an experienced app developer, they will cover all these aspects and shield your business from potential lawsuits.

Don’t Hesitate To Hire a Custom App Developer

Custom apps offer unrivaled benefits for businesses and improve their industry standings. You too could give your company a much-needed boost by creating an app suited to your needs.

Hiring a custom app developer is one of the best decisions you could make for your business in 2022. This allows you to benefit from the experience, expertise, and skills of someone who knows the ins and outs of development.

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