What Is A VPS For FreeBSD And A Guide On How To Choose It

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what is vps for freebsd and guide on how to choose it

The constant struggle for traffic and conversion rates is the reality of most Internet resources. And getting positive results can be quite difficult if there are regular failures in the work of the web resource when the number of users increases or when there are a large number of simultaneous connections. Because of this, visitors are faced with long waiting times, slow loading pages, and incorrectly displayed images. Malfunctions that deliver emotional discomfort are often the reason why the consumer closes the site without performing active actions. On the conversion in this case it is not even a question.

The solution to this problem allows the transfer of a web resource from a physical server or traditional hosting on a VPS – a virtual dedicated server. This type of hosting guarantees a customer stable and smooth operation of the site.

The provider’s service is that he provides the client with the use of a dedicated part of the virtual server with the ability to independently install the necessary software and generally full access with a minimum of restrictions for work.

Note from an expert: When choosing VPS hosting, a web resource is hosted on a virtual server that is placed on a powerful physical server. There can be several isolated independent servers on a physical server. Each user (site) receives dedicated resources and capabilities. The performance of a particular web resource is unaffected and unrelated to the performance of other sites located on the same physical server.

Why FreeBSD is chosen so often?

It is worth noting that any operating system can be installed on the VPS. And it is important that although FreeBSD is not the most popular VPS, according to experts this operating system is among the best. Among its strengths are named:

  • high reliability;
  • broad functionality;
  • protection against viruses and hacker attacks;
  • ability to support a wide range of server hardware.

This is understandable because FreeBSD was designed to be installed on a server. To make it easy to use and trouble-free, the developers paid attention to its integrity. That is, all versions were created by a common management system of drivers, kernel, and user applications. Thanks to this approach VPS with FreeBSD works without interruption, without failures and critical errors for many months or even years. And this operating system is completely “transparent”. Numerous tests have confirmed that the OS contains no spyware or hidden features that can harm a virtual server tenant.

Note from an expert: The FreeBSD operating system is based on a slim and simple UNIX architecture. A well-functioning algorithm makes it possible to easily and quickly identify and correct VPS failures.

The high processing speed of FreeBSD cannot be overlooked. When installing FreeBSD the user will not encounter problems that might cause it to slow down, such as a registry clog. And this makes this operating system an excellent solution for a dedicated server. All that remains is to choose a VPS for FreeBSD.

What to pay attention to when choosing VPS-hosting for FreeBSD?

Those who choose a FreeBSD hosting VPS, should consider a number of factors. The main parameters are:

  • Who is in control

A virtual dedicated server requires supervision and performance control. Optimally, if this task is solved by the VPS provider. In this case, we are talking about managed VPS (managed hosting). The work of the server for a small monthly fee in the 24/7 mode is controlled by a qualified system administrator. If you are offered unmanaged VPS (unmanaged hosting), you have to monitor the operation and performance of your virtual server by yourself. Also, unmanaged VPS requires the user to install software, configure the control panel, the protection, and maintenance. If hosting “falls”, you have to solve the problem. Unmanaged VPS is suitable for companies with specialists with the skills to manage the server. If you don’t know (and don’t want to know) how to restore the system if it “crashes”, or how to reboot the server, it is better to choose a managed hosting.

  • Server configuration

The characteristics of the server will affect the speed and performance of the site. You should pay attention to the processor power, RAM, and storage. Ask where the physical server hosting the VPS is located. Secure geolocation is extremely important. Involve a specialist in the selection of the best option, if the data provided by the provider is not quite clear to you by virtue of its specifics.

  • Compatibility of FreeBSD and installed applications

FreeBSD-based hosts support a wide range of applications. But if you plan to use ASP or ASP.NET, Microsoft applications, it is better to choose a Windows-based VPS.

  • Reliability

Every provider claims that their hosting services are reliable. But you should not take “their word for it” in such a serious matter. After all, it is about the success of your business. Experts recommend reading reviews from real users who have already rented VPS FreeBSD from a particular provider. It will take some time, but it will familiarize you with the real picture.

  • Additional IP addresses

Find out if your ISP provides IP addresses. You will need them to install an SSL certificate. Many companies also assign a dedicated IP to each of their sites, and different IPs to different channels and services (site, mobile app, CMS, database). You need different IP addresses for one site with several domains (site.co.uk, site.ua, mysite.com).

  • Fault tolerance

To reduce the risk of server failure, there are ways to solve possible problems. Therefore, it is important for the provider to think about alternatives. If the power supply to the physical server fails, backup generators or UPS must be turned on. If the server is overloaded, the backup should be turned on, so all resources should be backed up. If the ISP promises uninterrupted operation, ask what means are used to achieve this.

  • Bandwidth limit

Some VPS providers do not provide full bandwidth and charge extra for traffic growth. Clarify this nuance before concluding a contract, so as not to overpay later.

  • Price

As a rule, providers offer different VPS rental packages for FreeBSD. It’s up to you to decide which plan meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to rent a VPS for free? 

According to most experts, it’s impossible to find a free and reliable VPS provider. If you receive such an offer, in all likelihood, you are faced with scammers. However, most providers have a free trial or free period of FreeBSD hosting VPS.

Who benefits from FreeBSD VPS?

It can be recommended to owners of large companies, which are faced with the need to create remote access to staff, large online stores, and personal blogs, to which every day comes more than a thousand people.

When is VPS FreeBSD not suitable?

Simple sites with small loads do not make sense to rent FreeBSD hosting VPS. They are suitable for inexpensive shared hosting.

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