Ways To Fix PS3 Yellow Light Of Death | Fix YLOD

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Ways to fix PS3 Yellow Light of Death

Are you stuck with your PS3 Device, right? And have been looking for some permanent fix for PS3 Yellow Light Blinking Issue? Well, we have come to fix the problem of PS3 Yellow Light Of Death. After receiving many requests via E-Mails from our fellow readers about fixing PS3 Yellow Light Of Deaths issue, we have decided to make it open so that our other reader can also clear their doubts. So, let’s see what we have done for you in order to get rid of PS3 Yellow Light Of Death error:-

Back in time, when I was just like you, say a noob in fixing any error related to PlayStation 3, I got hit by a YLOD with blinking lights. At that time, I even did not get to know what was happening to me as I had bought in for the first time. Being a noob with zero knowledge about PS3 Yellow Light Of Death issue, I had three options to get it fixed. Let make a list of them:-

  1. Should I give up on current PlayStation Gaming Device and buy a new one? Unfortunately, I could not do it as I didn’t have that much of pocket money then by which I could buy a new and latest PS3 Gaming Device to play games.
  2. The second option which I had was to take it to Sony PS Service Center and get it repaired. But As the same problem, I told in previous one, I didn’t want to pay huge money just to get it repaired by officials. You they charge huge money for repairing. This plan also dropped.
  3. Now, the last plan was to get PS3 Yellow Light of Death error repaired by myself. But again the risk of opening PS3 and messing up with it was not a good idea.

Of course, I didn’t even have any choice with which I could proceed further. I lost hope my dear friends. Well, these three options are very common among peoples and are eventually the solution to every PS3 that is infected with Yellow Light Of Death issue is to get it repaired it by yourself.

How to fix PS3 Yellow Light of Death:-

Believe me, I was stuck and was looking here and there and then I was suggested by a friend to try out some personal guides online. Of course, If you read these guides you will become a master in repairing PlayStation and then you will not need to spend money again and again when your and friends’ PlayStation suffers from any problem including PS3 Yellow Light Of Death.

Till now I have covered various tutorials on repairing various problems in PS3, also have included some useful resources and other sorts of things. So, have some time and read this guides to fix PS3 YLOD problem and believe me you will never face any issue with PlayStation Gaming Device.

Now coming back to the above question that how to repair Yellow Light of Death? What option I chose to Fix PS3 YLOD problem. I went with the third option. Well, this is the best choice if you ask any expert. Why take your PS to any expert when you will learn exact same things which any expert know about PS.

How to Fix PS3 YLOD Problem On Your Own:-

After my friend’s suggestion, I bought this guide finally to fix YLOD on my own and things actually worked. After reading and using all useful resources, believe me I am now an expert that I can write about any problem now on PS Gaming Device. How to get this course?, (you can find banners of that product on this PS3 blog). Initially I thought there may be some kind of risk in buying it, but believe me and you can also see that I have become an expert in solving PS3 problems now. So, go ahead and solve YLOD Issue on your PS3 Gaming Device.

After I bought the course, I got so many resources with it in order to understand things deeply like PS3 expert. The Guide was well stuffed with text, video tutorials on how to fix components that causes YLOD, how to replace them, how to find which thing has caused YLOD in your gaming console and several other things. I fixed the problem within the first day and as i got interested in this, I also got to know the main issues which causes PS3 to start blinking lights without any reason.

What You Get After Buying This PS3 Repair Guide:-

  • Fix Blinking Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)
  • Fix the Solid/flashing Red Light
  • Fix the Flashing Green Light issue
  • Fix the 3 beeps issue
  • Fix the Red Screen
  • Fix the Black Screen of Death
  • Fix a Freezing Screen (during game-play or during the menu)
  • Fix the HDMI issue on your PS3
  • Fix the DNS error issue on your PS3
  • Fix the No Power issue on your PS3
  • Fix the Audio problem on your PS3
  • Fix your PS3 Controllers
  • Fix the Blu-ray Drive (after freezing and Blu-ray not accepting)

Moreover, the good thing is that I even fixed two of my friends’ PS3. Awesome, huh. And I didn’t tell them how I did that. They now think that I am expert in fixing PS3 issues, well I am. But they are respecting me now more. :P. Well, some of the main reason which causes PS3 Yellow Light Of Death are electronic components, temperature, dust issues, loose soldering connections or some component damage. Nothing more than this. Believe me, go for this guide and come back to say thanks to me.

If something is not repairable, then might have to buy that component only instead of paying huge charges to PS Service Center when nothing major is done there. Why spend that much of money always.

Final Thought on PS3 Yellow Light Of Death Issue:-

Well, if you want me to speak true, you should not pay huge money to these Service Centers as I don’t think they do anything different or special. After buying this guide on PS3 YLOD issue, you will be able to solve any damn problem along with PS3 Yellow Light Of Death issue with one go and become an expert in this.

Well, finally tell us how you liked this tutorial on Fixing PS3 YLOD problem. Please share this tutorial on your Facebook timeline and help to spread the word :D.

If you are still facing any kind of problem related to PS3 Yellow Light Of Death, then start a thread in the comment section below, we will be happy to help you. Well, keep visiting PS3 YLOD portal to get the latest updates on Fixing PS3 YLOD issues. Anyway, thanks for reading this article till here, you are awesome, :D, Bye.

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