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The bathroom is one of the most hated places to clean, which is why there are a number of cleaning gadgets on the market. After all, toilet bowls, tiles, and faucets can all get pretty grimy, and you want to avoid having to call out a commercial damp treatment specialist at all costs. Despite this, sometimes, you’re still not able to achieve the sparkling results that you want. Relying on a pair of gloves and a sponge is a thing of the past; instead, there are brand-new gadgets that are able to eliminate the hard work of scrubbing a bathroom.

A deep clean of the bathroom is massively important to eradicate germs and ensure it looks clean overall. To that end, listed below are just some of the top bathroom cleaning gadgets on the market.

Showerhead Attachment Hose

First up is a slip-on shower hose. Using a bucket full of water and bleach is a thing of the past. Instead of doing this, you can make use of a showerhead attachment hose, which means you can rinse the bathroom directly from the faucet. Not only is this more convenient and effective, but it’s also more hygienic. This is because you won’t be using old water, and it will come out as hot as can be. Essentially, the hotter the water, the better, as this means germs will be killed.

Silicone Toilet Brush and Holder Set

Let’s be honest; the toilet brush sits among the most disgusting things in the bathroom, yet it’s something that almost everyone has. To make it a little less disgusting, you might opt for a silicone toilet brush and holder set. This is because silicone is able to bend and accommodate a number of angles. Similarly, these brushes often come with different brush heads, meaning they can be used for sinks or bathtubs. Once you try this toilet brush, it will become virtually impossible to go back to the old way of cleaning.

Sink Snake Cleaner

If you have a clogged bathtub or sink, this can seem like an impossible task to tackle. That is if you don’t have a sink snake cleaner. These contraptions latch onto dirt and hair with microhooks, meaning the drain can be cleared without the pipes being affected. Simply insert the wand, rotate the handle, and remove all the gunk. Once it starts to get a bit dirty, it can simply be thrown away and replaced with a refill. Never battle with a plunger again and watch the bathtub or sink drain with ease.

Deep Clean Brush Set

If your bathroom is full of tricky corners that seem impossible to clean, you need a deep clean brush set. These are able to scrub away at every nook and cranny, which is achieved by way of a wiper blade, small brush, and large brush. This means the smallest of tight spaces, including shower doors, can be cleaned. This is because they tread the balance between heavy-duty bristles and those that are soft to the touch. After all, you want to clean your space without damaging it.

Power Scrubber

Last but not least is a power scrubber, which resembles a power drill. Naturally, a drill-like tool is able to reach speeds that the human hand isn’t able to do. This way, even the most stubborn dirt and stains can be scrubbed away. Most power scrubbers come with various brush attachments, allowing you to clean toilets, showers, and floors, too. A power scrubber is one of the most effective ways of making your bathroom look like new and is among the most popular bathroom cleaning gadgets.

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