Running a Business is Hard: 5 Tips to Recharge Your Energy

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By Stuart Williams 6 Min Read
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No matter how much you love the business you own, at some point, you’ll burn out if you don’t recharge your energy periodically. Burnout is real, and it’s not something you want to experience. For many people, burning out involves being constantly sleep-deprived with adrenaline and cortisone running through their system, making it impossible to recover, even with a good night’s sleep.

If you’re feeling run down, exhausted, or are already in burnout, here are some tips to recharge your battery and get your energy back.

#1 Spend more time outdoors

Being an entrepreneur means spending an incredible amount of time at the computer, usually indoors, either in an office or at home. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does cut down on the amount of fresh air you get, and being indoors too much can negatively impact your health.

Get as much fresh air as you can, preferably by spending time outside. Opening a window doesn’t count. If you work from home, go outside periodically to take breaks. You’ll feel even better if you eat your meals outside. If you love the idea of having pizza for lunch, get an outdoor pizza oven. You can prepare your favorite homemade pies ahead of time and keep them in the fridge until you’re ready to fire up the oven and bake a pizza for lunch.

#2 Get into a self-care routine

Self-care is about creating a healthy, supportive environment where you’ll thrive, both physically and mentally. It can involve things like going to bed early, getting regular massages, and saying no to people who want more than you’re willing to give.

Self-care means keeping your mental and emotional stress to a minimum and doing what’s best for you, even if other people are disappointed. If you’re too tired to go out with friends, don’t be afraid to say no and skip the night. Don’t sacrifice your wellbeing.

#3 Take frequent breaks

Most entrepreneurs are guilty of not taking enough breaks. Some people don’t ever take breaks. That’s the fastest way to burn out. Breaks are necessary because they help you regain your focus, which supports productivity and even accuracy.

Emotional burnout can happen faster than physical burnout, and skipping breaks is going to get you there much faster. If you tend to hyperfocus and struggle to remember to take breaks, just set an alarm that goes off every couple of hours to remind you to at least stretch your legs.

#4 Treat yourself to things you love

One of the best ways to recharge your battery is to engage in things you love. It doesn’t have to happen during the work day, either. Make a list of things you enjoy doing, whether it’s watching a movie, building something with your hands, or visiting a local attraction. Maybe you enjoy full body massages or infrared saunas. Treat yourself to things that make you feel good, emotionally and physically.

#5 Take a real vacation

According to Glassdoor research, 54% of employees hadn’t used any vacation time in the previous year at the time of the study. Entrepreneurs are even less likely to take a vacation, especially when their business is still in the early stages.

Don’t be one of those entrepreneurs who doesn’t ever take a vacation. If you live in the United States, you probably aren’t used to getting vacation time at work unless it’s only a few hours at a time. That’s not a real vacation. As an entrepreneur, you deserve a real vacation at least every few years. Every year would be even better.

A vacation where you truly step away from all of your work responsibilities has the power to recharge your body, mind, and soul. It’s refreshing to get away for a while and go somewhere overseas or even just a few hours away. It doesn’t matter where you go, as long as it’s somewhere you’ll enjoy spending time.

Burnout isn’t healthy long-term

Almost everyone goes through periods of burnout, but it’s not something you want to experience long-term. If you allow your body to remain in a highly stressed state for long periods of time, it will negatively impact your physical health in addition to your psychological well being.

Don’t let yourself get too stressed out. Take breaks when needed and make sure you get some personal time. If you don’t enjoy running your business, consider selling it to pursue something different. Being an entrepreneur is hard but it doesn’t have to be exhausting.

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