How to Pick the Best Sports Betting App

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how to pick best sports betting app

There is no way it will have escaped your attention that sports betting is becoming a big deal in the US. Since the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in 2018 to effectively hand over legislation to the states, many have completely legalized sports gambling.

This is the perfect time for Americans to get on board with sports betting, as technological developments have made it even easier. Mobile betting has really taken off and top online betting sites such as BetOnline have now released downloadable apps for their customers. But how do you know if you’re downloading the best one?

Is it Legal?

Before you get too far into the decision process when it comes to sportsbook apps you should really just take a second to check that betting is actually legal where you live. The majority of US states do now allow gambling in some form or another – but there are still swathes of the country where it is illegal.

Even some of the states that have legalized sports betting might not allow residents to do so via a mobile device. There are plenty of sites with all the latest news concerning sports betting legality, so take a look now to ensure that you will actually be able to download a gambling app.

Offers and Bonuses

If you are good to go as far as downloading an app goes, you should probably check what kind of offers are available. This will not normally be with the app itself (although some will have specific app bonuses). But it is the sportsbook that will be running a new customer promotion.

The competition for customers is fierce between sportsbooks across the country. That is extremely good news for us, as it means that we will be offered free bets, deposit matches and much more just for signing up. Read the small print carefully though – all offers come with terms and conditions.

Betting Markets and Odds

A betting app is really only as good as the betting options and odds. There is no point in signing up for a sportsbook app that promises hundreds of dollars worth of free bets if it doesn’t also offer betting markets on the sports or events you wish to bet on. The best apps will have a wide range of sports, covering all major tournaments.

You should also check whether the odds are competitive. Newcomers to sports betting might not see much to choose between the prices. But it is in the smallest differences that the bigger winning returns are possible. The more you use betting apps the more you will be able to recognize where the best value odds are.


This one is a little harder to figure out before you actually download the app. But you can check user review sites to find out which sportsbook apps are the easiest to use and have the smoothest navigation. With a smaller screen you want the masses of information to be presented in a readable way.

A lot of the time you will be making quick decisions with your betting, as the action happens. So, the need for a very responsive act is very important. Ultimately you may just want to download a number of apps and see which one works the best – but you can narrow down the possibles list by reading reviews first.

Live Betting Options

Our final factor to consider when it comes to choosing the right sports betting app is one that will really affect the way you bet. Mobile apps are perfect for live betting, or in-play, markets. This is where you are placing bets as the action happens. This has become one of the biggest areas of betting – and apps have played a big part in that.

Make sure that your chosen app has a wide selection of live betting options – including features such as cash out. When you have taken all this information on board you will be able to download the perfect app – and then finally go betting!

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