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If you are experiencing a PS3 Black Screen Error with your Gaming device then don’t worry we are here for the same reason in order to solve your black screen error. The minimal solution to PS3 Black Screen Error is to reset or reboot it to fix the issue. Again, if the problem does still exist, then probably your HDMI cable is out of control and you will need to change it as soon as possible in order to play games on PS3. Well, we are going to look into both issues and will get back to you.

Moreover, we have attached a video to this tutorial so that you can follow the video tutorial and can solve PS3 Black Screen Error. This video will help you in getting the error solved and get your PS3 rocking in your hands. So, let’s take a look at both the issues that we have analysed and get them resolved now with the help of tactics we know.

PS3 Black Screen Error Fix – Reboot:-

Despite the fact that PS3 Black Screen Error problem is commonly referred to “PS3 Black Screen Of Death” by majority of fellows here just like PS3 Yellow Light Of Death error, the main problem is its hardware fault. As our many PS3 users have claimed that a simple reboot of PS3 definitely solves the black screen problem.

So, simply try to reboot the PS3 Device and get your black screen error solved. You will need to activate PS3 Safe Mode and if you already don’t know this then you can check out how to activate PS3 Safe Mode, which takes you step-by-step through the process of correctly shutting down and rebooting the PS3 after that.

Did your PS3 Gaming Device problem is still not solved? Well, now you should be sure that the problem of PS3 Black Screen of Death is in its HDMI Port or cable as it prevents the image to be displayed on your TV Screen.

The reason behind this might be the fault in your HDMI cable or an incorrect setting on your PS3 console.

PS3 Black Screen Of Death Error Fix – HDMI Connection:-

Well, if your TV input settings and PS3 output settings are not matching with each other then you might see this PS3 Black Screen Error and you will need to change your resolution. You will need to match your TV Screen Size with your PS3 console and need to select HDMI as a input device to get the image displayed. You can also check the manual of your TV and PS3 console and get the things done.

Sometimes, dust may the reason behind this error and you may need to unplug the cable from your TV and PS3 console to solve the problem. Take the cable out of the PS3 and TV and Swipe it away and Blow out any dust inside it. Now reconnect it. Next, power up your PS3 console to see whether the black screen is fixed.

If still this HDMI cable is not working, then try to buy a new one and replace it with your Old HDMI cable and now test it out. If it fixes the problem then you have solved your PS3 Black Screen Error and now you can play the games on your PS3.

If you’re experiencing the same problem, then we recommend you PS3 All Errors Guide here. You can download this guide and become an expert in solving all the problems that may occur in coming future including PS3 Black Screen Of Death. So, go and buy the guide and forget about any error in the future and as well as Sony Service Center.

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