Choosing Netsuite Solutions: How Do They Help Businesses?

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how choosing netsuite solutions help businesses

Before you try to understand who uses NetSuite, it is essential to know what it is exactly. So, it is basically a SaaS (Software as a Service) Business Management Suite. It provides businesses with a fully integrated suite of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), real-time Business Intelligence, Global Business Management, Omnichannel experience, etc.

Besides these, it is also a cloud-based solution, which means anyone can have access to it with a browser and internet connection. NetSuite also has some apps that extend its services to specific industries or businesses.

SuiteApps for Netsuite are applications developed by Oracle-NetSuite or by members of a third-party developer program called the SDN (SuiteCloud Developer Network). Not just that, NetSuite also gives the freedom to its customers, i.e., entrepreneurs, to develop their own SuiteApps for specific requirements.

Top 10 SuiteApps Categories for Businesses

SuiteApps are developed on the SuiteCloud platform. These are distributed and supported by Oracle-NetSuite. Besides that, companies can also have their custom SuiteApps developed through paid engagement programs.

In general, mostly these apps can be installed from the SuiteApp Marketplace. This marketplace is a location created with the help of the SDF (SuiteCloud Development Framework) and from the SuiteApp bundles created using the SuiteBundler.

Have a look at some of the most common categories of SuiteApps for businesses –

  • Accounting apps
  • Integration apps
  • Inventory Management apps
  • Marketing and Sales Force Automation apps
  • Localization apps
  • Item Record Management apps
  • Order Management apps
  • SuiteAnalytics apps
  • SuitePeople apps

How does NetSuite help Businesses?

One of the main benefits of using NetSuite is scalability. Yes, it helps businesses scale up their game, regardless of their industry or domain. Check the next part to know more about it.

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From a Business’s Perspective

  • NetSuite’s core lies in its ERP solutions. These help businesses handle every single aspect of their daily operations, such as – financial, order, production, supply chain, and human capital management.
  • CRM solutions help businesses track historical interactions between the company and its customers.
  • Its SRP solutions provide a seamless way to manage projects, resources, time tracking, etc.
  • The Business Intelligence program allows businesses to generate real-time data using different reporting tools.
  • The SuiteCommerce program offers an integrated omnichannel experience that brings the buy-anywhere-get-anywhere approach to your customers.

From a Technological Point-of-View

  • NetSuite being a cloud-based platform, does not require companies to invest in building an infrastructure.
  • NetSuite’s adaptability features make it a highly customizable solution for businesses as it can cater to almost all requirements.
  • SuiteApps bring an extra layer of functionalities to the table for businesses.

Who uses NetSuite?

Around more than 40,000 people from all across the globe use NetSuite for their business practices. These businesses vary in domains like manufacturing, distribution, retail, professional services, software development, etc. Using the business management suite, these businesses are able to systematically handle and manage their business processes.

Wrapping Up

SuiteApps for Netsuite offer scalability to businesses and give them the flexibility to operate from anywhere. The SaaS solutions are perfect for small and medium businesses to cut down substantial investment costs. These will save your company from infrastructure costs as well as ongoing system maintenance costs. Find a development company that provides these services and applications for mobile platforms, cloud storage integrations, document management, etc.

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