The 10 Best Employee Time Tracking Software You Can Use

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best employee time tracking software you can use

As the name may suggest, employee time tracking software is a beneficial tool that helps record and assess the time an individual spends performing various tasks. It can consist of payroll, billing, and operations. In addition to that, it can entail multiple computer jobs and activities. Overall, the tool aids in providing an insight into the diverse functions and responsibilities of an employee. It can show if they remain logged in or have logged out or when they remain idle or working. On top of that, it can reveal the areas requiring a significant amount of money. It permits the organizers and managers to alter and handle the budget better.

A time tracking software assesses the overall time spent on assigned tasks. Accordingly, it automates the process of payroll generation and client invoicing. Thus, this tool helps execute all work effectively and precisely, allowing the employees to maximize their productivity and goal-attainment rate. On top of that, the time tracking tool generates periodic reports. They enable an individual to manage the tasks appropriately.

An employee time tracking tool can generally be of three kinds. It includes the time tracker, project management, and timesheet types.

What is the 10 Best Employee Time Tracking Software Available for Use?

#1 is a beneficial project management software that comes with time tracking features. It focuses on visually-intuitive and modest layouts that help clarify the required work sequence. It has various features enabling reporting, time tracking, resource management, and collaboration. Additionally, can collect and display data from several sources, allowing for a better assessment of the progress. The tool can also help achieve the productivity needs of the employees. Overall, it includes apps such as Gmail, Jira, Trello, Slack, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Google Drive, GitHub, etc.

#2 Resource Management by Smartsheet

Resource Management by Smartsheet is a high-level management software for resources and projects. It aids modern teams in making better-informed and confident decisions related to team capacity, hiring needs, budget forecasting, project planning, and team utilization. The tool gas integrated timesheets and tracking features for expenses and time. It permits the users to filter a significant amount of data effectively and efficiently, making it suitable for a workforce having various operational setups.

#3 GoodDay

GoodDay is one of the best time tracking software that maximizes team collaboration and productivity. It has user-friendly and beneficial tools for managing the portfolio, projects, resources, and tasks. Furthermore, it helps customize integrations, templates, workflows, etc.

GoodDay remains affiliated with various apps like GitLab, GitHub, Slack, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, Jira, etc. On top of that, it allows for custom integrations through its API.

#4 Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch is a time-clock software that works based on the internet. It helps substantially in image tracking and GPS operation. The tool has a customizable interface and can get integrated with almost all products related to payroll management. It helps manage projects through time recording for a particular job code and project.

Buddy Punch comes with a feature that automatically splits the assessed time into double-time, overtime, and regular time. Moreover, it integrates with ADP, Paychex, PayPlus, Workday, Gusto, QuickBooks, etc.

#5 FunctionFox

FunctionFox has several tools to manage and handle projects more effectively. It can track the non-billable and billable works efficiently, reducing the admin time. Instead, it helps improve the overall productivity. It has an optimized time tracking feature that provides comprehensive summaries.

FunctionFox is relatively effortless to understand and use. It provides unlimited and included customer support and dedicated onboarding.

#6 Timesheets

Timesheets is a powerful time tracking software that helps manage time associated with hourly work, mileage, project, vacation, and functionality. It makes it effortless for a team to collaborate and handle themselves appropriately. It remains integrated with numerous tasks and projects. In addition to that, the software offers exceptionally flexible entry solutions and options that allow the users to track projects in real-time.

Timesheets have a valuable HR tool that offers more than mere expense and time tracking. It allows the users to review the vacation balances, request vacation time approval, and get a single view of the calendar. Additionally, it entails several standardized and consistent employee documentation. It can consist of performance reviews, employee files, staff communication, and training manuals.

#7 Toggl

If an individual seeks free and modest time tracking software, Toggl makes the best choice. It has a simple design that makes it effortless to use and handle. It helps create tasks and projects and track the time using the app or browser on which the user works. Toggl has features that enable automated reminders, allowing a person to work according to the set duration.

#8 Bill4time

Bill4time has superior recording features with options for expense tracking, invoice templates, online payments, and time tracking. It facilitates flexibility and efficiency, allowing the user to use various operations simultaneously. For instance, they can record several entries on a single screen and run multiple timers.

Bill4time has beneficial functionality for back-end management. It helps track the clients, users, projects, and accounting better. Additionally, it allows for optimized performance and maximized productivity.

#9 TimeCamp

TimeCamp provides automatic and manual timesheets, an automatic capability for task detection, and a time diary. It has a perfect design that makes it effortless to understand and work with the software. TimeCamp operates around various tasks and projects and helps set budgets that can get tracked against the former two.

TimeCamp works well with the invoicing feature and can automatically generate invoices depending on the billable hours. On top of that, it has stacks of advantageous integrations that facilitate flexible tracking and management of time.

#10 Harvest

Harvest is a popular time tracking software that covers several things. It ranges from invoicing, expenses, and timesheets to reporting, budgeting, and budget tracking. It has a good design with an intuitive interface responsive over mobile and desktop. It handles project, task, and client tracking. Then, it analyzes them and generates reports. Harvest has superior integrations, with over 70 of them.

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