Today’s Top 4 No-Brainer Business Technologies 

Stuart Williams
By Stuart Williams 5 Min Read
top no brainer business technologies

There are many leading technologies driving business promotion these days, and we dare say they’re critical technologies to running business as usual in today’s world. But how do you choose the best technology from the lot to run your business?

We’ve gotten down in the internet tangle and come up with 4 categories of web technologies on which you should focus your business efforts. Here’s the scoop:

1. Use No-Code Website Editors

Building a functional website that fulfills what you need it to do and appeals to the public isn’t easy. It requires a considerable amount of technological know-how that you may not have or just don’t have the time of day for.

Thankfully, no-code website editor platforms, like Webflow, wipe out the dirty work and make design, layout, analytics, and marketing management a breeze. To save yourself some time, it is best to reach out to a Webflow agency to get this done for you.

No-code web editor platforms help you:

  • Publish your service with compelling branding
  • Ensure consistent user experience and conversions
  • Target your audience and secure leads through easy messaging

No-code editor services rely on advanced technologies to ensure your business management is actualized and easy.

2. Social Media

Another highly useful tool for businesses is social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter are today’s telephones, neighbors, and newspapers. Despite politics and because of politics, we call up recipes on Instagram, post the latest family scoop or get the newest market updates from these apps.

Your customers are found on social media, and so are the golden business leads you might be looking for.

Joining and being active on social media can contribute to your business’s growth overnight by helping you to connect with your customers and for B2B lead generation. Ensure your posts on social media are on the best platform for your goals and that your content is valuable to your audience.

Drive up your business conversions by giving value to your customers and leads: post ideas, free information, and promotions. Share what your brand has to offer, and show off pictures of products or services that you provide.

Learn how algorithms work to enhance your engagement and conversions. You can take an algorithm course online, read blog posts, or watch YouTube for ideas to get you started.

Engage with your audience by answering their questions in the comments on one of your posts and about the direct messaging system that the social media platform provides.

3. Advertising Tech

The final technology the internet offers your business is advertising. Learn about Google Ads and advertising services available on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Use visuals in your ads to make your services and products more enticing to your audience. Video and photo ads can be super noticeable and easily capture possible customers’ attention.

Take advantage of your home camera or phone to make your own ads, and take a course online to learn lighting and sound techniques to make an outstanding advertisement.

4. Cold Outreach

Use cold outreach methods, like cold emailing, to share your advertisements and connect with business partners or customers.

Ensure your cold outreach messaging is personalized. Learn about your audience by creating a customer persona and speaking directly to them by name, mentioning their big wins, referencing their connection to your offerings, and touching on their pain points.

What you shouldn’t do, is send generic or spammy cold outreach content. Cold outreach is a direct way of opening business dealings with the other person.

Use Technology

Use these 4 main technology types to dial down the technology you need to run your business, connect with your customers, and drive your lead generation this year.

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