PS3 Not Reading Disc – The Causes And Fixes

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You are suffering from PS3 Not Reading Disc problem, right? I can now read minds :P. Well, We are here to help you will this amazing guide on how to solve PS3 Not Reading Disc Problem. So, let’s see what we have got for your PS3 Disc:-

Generally, PS3 Not Reading Disc issue is not that common as compared to problems like PS3 Yellow Light Of Death, PS3 Blinking Red Light etc. It is a frustrating problem as this does completely render your console useless. You can’t then play and game or watch movies on PS3. The issue may caused by a malfunctioning disc in your PS3 console. To test this, just try playing different Discs on your PS3 Gaming Device.

If all of the CDs fail to play in PS3 then it is likely to understand that your Blu-Ray Player is sucking and you need to change the Blu-Ray Lens to get it run again. Most commonly, If a PS3 Not Reading Disc, there are chances that one needs to change Blu-Ray Lens.

Causes for PS3 Not Reading Disc:-

As said above, one of the major reason behind you PS3 is not working is the fault of Blu-Ray Lens. Other possible reasons may be Blu-Ray Lens in contaminated, covered with dust or dirt rendering it unable to read your discs. This may happen based on many reasons but as seen in other consoles and machines, this error is due to its manufacturer, or say Sony.

How To Fix PS3 Not Reading Disc Now:-

IMHO, replacing entire Blu-ray Disc is practicable option and also it is not necessary. You may be thinking to take it to Sony PS Service Center, right? But necessarily not. Most of the time it can be fixed as long as you know what you are doing. Ask one of your friend if any one of them know how to fix PS3 Not Reading Disc issue. But what if your friend and you, both don’t have any idea on how to fix PS3 Not Reading Disc and Yellow Light of Death and any other issue that may occur in the future.

Well, you will need a detailed guide which can ensure you on fixing any problem on PS3. The guide should be detailed which can fix Blu-Ray Lens as it is very sensitive area, anything unusual can ruin your PS3 from even working. So, would you rely on online guides? No, you should not, these guides will mess with your PS3 and will take you so far. For a proper and detailed guide with pictures written by experts on how to fix this problem : You can visit : PS3 Disc Repair Guide.

How to Fix PS3 Not Reading Disc Problem Permanently:-

If you rely on guides which doesn’t have any trusted source, you will end up in sending your PS3 back to Sony in really messed up condition which will now cost you much more. A repair cost of PS3 at Sony Service Center will cost you a minimum of $150. The main reason behind not recommending Sony Service Center is that they eat up money for no reason and usually takes 4-5 weeks to give it back to us. How can you survive for so long? That’s why peoples try to find other alternatives which can fix their all PS3 problems within one hour or something. We have recommended such an awesome detailed guide with pictures so that you can solve each and every problem that may occur in future.

Moreover, you may be thinking to avoid all these methods thinking to go to a local repair shop in order to get your PS3 repaired but believe me, they are not trustworthy. This choice of yours to repair PS3 Not Reading Disc problem by any shop owner may ruin your entire PS3 Gaming Device. Also, even if you got your PS3 repaired and running, there may be another problem next week. Also, just like Sony Service Center, the local shop owner will also take at least 1 week or more to give it back to you. Getting your PS3 Gaming Device repaired, will also take away its any warranty (if any).

So, what is the best method to repair it then? Of course, you should get it repaired it yourself. Main reason behind we have been recommending this guide is that if, in future, you face any kind of problem again with your PS3, then you can get it repaired again yourself. You will not need to spend again and again a huge money and also will not need to wait for week to get it back. So, better go with the detailed and comprehensive guide with pictures which is shown below.

>> Click Here To Download This Guide And Become PS3 Repair Expert At Home <<

Final Thought On PS3 Not Reading Disc Problem:-

One of the best thing in the world is to be able to fix any issue by yourself without taking any external help. Suppose, in near future, your friend too faces the same problem including PS3 Yellow Light Of Death, PS3 Blinking Red Light, PS3 Black Screen Of Death and PS3 Freezing Problem, then you no need to go to Sony to get it repaired. Do it yourself. Your friend will think you are an expert in repairing PS3, which you are.

We hope you got what you were looking for. Thanks for getting us back again and reading whole article till here, please keep on visiting PS3 Yellow Light Of Death blog for latest updates related to PS3. Thanks Bye, :D.

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