Making Your eCommerce Website Successful

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By Stuart Williams 4 Min Read
making your ecommerce website successful

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Overview of Ecommerce Relevancy

The ecommerce market is one we all are very well acquainted with, from shopping for everything we need, to online courses and more. Ecommerce sales continue growing at a large scale, and we have the internet to thank for that, as well as being in remote locations.

With the ecommerce market being so extensive and new businesses coming up almost every single day, there is intense competition to be unique, have better quality, faster shipping, and more offers. It is a tough crowd, but there are ways to help your ecommerce brand make it to the top and benefit you and your consumers.

The Importance of Trust in Ecommerce

In ecommerce web design, making sure that you design a website that shoppers feel they can trust is crucial. Privacy is everything, and when a customer goes to your site, they are visiting with the confidence that all their activity which is tracked will be kept private. If not, they may choose to shop elsewhere.

Taking advantage of custom e-commerce web development can provide you with the tools and features necessary to establish a secure and trustworthy online shopping environment, helping you build credibility and retain customer loyalty.

Giving a background analysis of your business in widgets like About Us, providing other sorts of information regarding your brand, adding in images of the people that work for you including yourself, contact information and links to social media as well as giving the option for FAQ(frequently asked questions) gives the user a feel of your brand and will decide whether or not to venture further.

Besides home page transparency, shoppers also want a detailed analysis of the product or goods you are selling. So this can include adding in shipping and return policies, defining clearly which products can be returned and the process, easy access to a privacy policy containing shoppers personal and financial information, product reviews and descriptions  etc.

UI Design in Ecommerce Web Design

UI(user interface) design refers to all the features in an ecommerce website which enhances its aesthetic value. This includes the overall format, from color schemes to fonts, buttons, icons, menu bars and more.

Ways in which ecommerce web design agencies in London may improve the UI of your ecommerce website include :

  1. Subtle Designs- Not going over the top with bright colors that clash with one another and may look tacky. Making font formats look classy and professional, instead of comical.
  2. Doing Away with Pop Up Windows- REmoving any sort of ads or unnecessary information which may inconvenience the user while they browse.
  3. Most Relevant Content- Making sure that the most critical content is displayed first, on top, so that users don’t have to go all the way down or to different pages. Using a white background with large high quality images can entice shoppers to click on the product.
  4. Brand Identity- Whatever aesthetic you are going for, it should be unique to your brand. Users should associate it with your brand in particular. This includes a catchy name, color scheme and logo which relates to your brand etc.
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