Is It Safe To Buy Real Youtube Views, Likes, And Subscribers?

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is it safe to buy real youtube views likes and subscribers

The answer is simple -Yes, it’s entirely legal for you to buy YouTube views, likes, and subscribers. You might believe it’s illegal or odd, but it’s not. The purchase of views, likes, and subscribers is an excellent way to increase the growth of your channel.

While there are a lot of stories online that denounce the practice, I want you to know that it’s pretty safe to expand your channel by playing your cards correctly.

Why are people of a particular opinion that it’s risky to buy YouTube subscribers, likes, and views?

There have been reports of channels being removed from YouTube because they purchased promo packages. Additionally, there are instances where people have purchased YouTube likes, views, and subscribers, and then all of a sudden, their numbers began to decrease.

There’s also the story that people have bought many subscribers, but they could not view or engage with their videos.

In all truth, there have been far too many sad stories about the cost of buying YouTube views, likes, and subscribers that will last for the rest of your life.

The truth is that those who typically get sob stories after purchasing YouTube promo packages are those who purchased bot packages initially.

If you purchase genuine YouTube promotion packages, there’s no chance of ending with a sad story.

Therefore, if you see people complaining that they purchased YouTube promotional packages but received a negative response, it’s likely that their service provider gave them a bot-generated package.

The difference between bots and real YouTube likes, views, and subscribers

Most of the time, when people hear the words “buy YouTube likes, views and subscribers,” they generally assume that it is the same thing as the expression “buy REAL YouTube likes, views, and subscribers.”

But it doesn’t.

The phrase “REAL” is in the second phrase. It means you buy secure views, likes, and subscribers from human beings. Without this word, it could mean that you’re buying bot packages, which means likes, views, and subscribers generated by robots.

If you purchase a genuine YouTube promotional package, you can be sure that nothing will happen to either your account or the package. So, you’ll never be left with a sad story.

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Concerning purchasing robots (artificial systems) as well as actual packages, check out what YouTube has to say about it:

“YouTube does not permit anything that is designed to artificially increase the amount of views, likes, comments or any other metrics, either via the use of automated systems or by delivering videos to uninitiated viewers. Channels and content that don’t comply with this policy could be removed and terminated off YouTube.”

Let’s take a look at the statement.

— YouTube declares it is against anything that artificially increases the number of views, likes, and comments on videos via the use of automated technology.

If you buy YouTube likes, for instance, from a service that doesn’t offer real likes, the thing you’re doing is artificially increasing the number of likes for your videos and could result in you getting a hefty fine. In this scenario, what’s happening is that the service uses its automated system (robots) to flood your videos with a lot of likes.

When you purchase real promo packages, it’s not about the figures; instead, you’re getting real people to join your site, watch your videos, and then engage (like to view, like or sign up) and interact with them. In this scenario, the service isn’t running an automated system. They’re just sending out a message on behalf of you to their community of YouTubers to invite them to like or watch your video.

— YouTube declares it is against any method that artificially increases the number of views, likes, and comments on video content by providing videos to viewers who are not aware of it.

When you purchase real YouTube promotional packages, the service connects to its community of YouTubers to interact with your content. The person you’re talking to is likely to be aware of the deal, and you’re not in violation of YouTube’s rules of distributing videos to viewers who aren’t aware of it.

If you buy a bot promotion package, the service provider could serve your videos to viewers who are not aware of them, placing your account in danger of being banned or flagged.

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Why is it risky to buy bot YouTube subscriber’s promotional packages?

Making purchases from bots YouTube promotional packages from bots is a dangerous practice. If you make a mistake, you could face the following penalties:

1. YouTube will ban your account.

It’s true, YouTube’s algorithm has a method to tell if the channel is pumping its likes, comments, views, and subscribers artificially.

A statement by Google states,

If your content violates this policy, we’ll take down any content and send an email notifying you of the violation. If it’s the first time breaking the Community Guidelines, you’ll get an email warning and no penalty for your site. If it’s the first time we’ll place an infringement notice to your channel, it will be removed from the network. You can find out more about our strike system here.”

Imagine how much effort and investment you’ve made in creating your channel. Having YouTube remove your channel because you did not follow their guidelines could be a huge disaster.

You should stay clear from any product reminiscent of bot-related promotional packages. Although they’re typically more expensive than bot packages, actual YouTube likes, views and subscribers are the best choices to grow your channel and remain on the good side of Google.

2. There’s a good chance that your numbers will decrease over time.

The purpose of buying likes, views, and subscribers is to ensure that your content can grow quickly. Unfortunately, bot promotional packages aren’t able to perform like the way.

You’ll see a tremendous increase in views after 100 views. You’ll see a rise of 20-25% after a couple of days. You’ll see a significant portion of views, likes, and subscribers you have on your YouTube channel, and your videos will be gone for good.

On the other hand, genuine YouTube likes, views, and subscribers do not diminish over time. They’re interactions from real individuals. Even if someone dies the channel, they’ll continue to be subscribers to your channel if the account remains active.

3. You’ll not get the advantages from buying promotional packages.

The purpose of purchasing likes and views for video content is to be popular on the platform to the point that it receives natural views and likes on its own.

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However, if you purchase counterfeit (bot) packages, the odds of this happening are very slim.

The reason is that to ensure that videos get natural views and likes to be viewed and enjoyed, the YouTube algorithm considers the amount of time that viewers spend watching them. The algorithm can also evaluate the number of interactions (likes, comments, shares) generated by its subscribers and viewers.

No one has watched your video in the case of bots or fake packages. The videos you see on the screen or like counters are just illusions not visible to YouTubers. Your algorithm is just as great as content that doesn’t get any time or engage with. Therefore it’s impossible that YouTube viewers will see you.

If you’d like the algorithm to recognize your presence, you’ll have to provide it with views and actions it can realize. The only way to accomplish this is to allow real people (with various IP addresses) to engage with your content.

4. Your channel might lose credibility

It’s only a matter until your viewers realize it’s just not nearly as popular as you think it is.

Through bot subscribers and views, real viewers feel like people like them who like the same video. This is why they might choose to click “subscribe. After a while, they’ll notice that your videos don’t receive comments, and this could leave people thinking: “If, indeed, a thousand persons have subscribed to this channel, why am I the only one commenting on their videos?”

Something suspicious is happening here!

With real promo offers, On the other hand, the majority of your paid subscribers or viewers are likely to frequently engage with your videos and remove any doubt about your channel.


It is secure and advantageous for you to buy YouTube subscribers, views, and likes. But, you should be purchasing genuine ones to reap the security and advantages. If you buy fake or bot packages, you’re exposing your website to various risks.

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