How to Prevent a Cracked iPhone Screen

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how to prevent cracked iphone screen

Every second, two phone screens crack. Everyone has experienced that heart-shattering moment when you drop your phone face down on a hard surface. If you don’t have a protector and case, there’s a good chance that your screen is toast.

It helps to have a pop socket or skin to provide some extra phone grip. You should also avoid taking your phone to the bathroom with you and keep your screen clean. Don’t forget to buy a car phone holder and always watch how you store your device.

Want to learn more about how these methods can help you avoid having a cracked iPhone screen? Check out this handy tech guide.

Get a Case

When you’re buying a new phone, add an iPhone case to your bill. It should go on your device as soon as it comes out of the box.

As for what kind of case you should get, bumper ones are a great go-to. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one for even the most obscure device.

They also provide plenty of shock absorbency. That means if you drop your phone, the tough edges of the case will take most of the blow.

The only thing to keep in mind is that bumper cases tend to be bulkier and heavier than others.

You should also make sure that your case is waterproof. You don’t want any moisture to get in and damage your device. You can buy iPhone cases here.

Buy a Screen Protector

Another thing you need to get on day one is a screen protector. Plastic protectors are inexpensive, but they can only protect your screen from minor scratches.

If you have the habit of dropping your device, go with tempered glass. It offers enough shock absorbency to shield your screen in the event of a great fall.

No matter which screen protector you choose, a sales representative will put it on for you.

Install a Pop Socket

A pop socket is a round disk that you attach to the back of your phone using an adhesive. You can then pop the disk out further and use it to balance your phone in your hand.

Most pop sockets come with fun designs on them, making them an awesome method for personalizing your phone. By having one, you’ll also be able to keep a better grip on your device. No longer will you have to hold your phone in both hands as you scroll through your social media page or take a selfie.

If you decide you don’t like your pop socket, it will be as easy to take it off as it was to put it on.

Use a Skin

The iPhone has a sleek design, but it can be a bit slippery. Even some cases can be slick enough to send your phone flying out of your hand when you pull it out of your pocket.

If that’s something that you’re tired of dealing with (and you don’t want to buy a pop socket), pick up a skin. They add a lot of extra grip, and they come in tons of neat designs. You can have one customized if you would like.

We’ll warn you that they don’t offer much in terms of protection. They can handle light scratches, but that’s about it.

Protect Your Phone in the Car

Using your phone while you drive is dangerous, and in many cases, against the law. The thing is, most people use them as GPS devices. If Google Maps is one of your most used apps, grab a phone holder for your car.

It will keep you in line with the law and reduce the risk of scratching your phone screen when you inevitably drop it in your vehicle.

Store Your Device 

Most people keep their phone in their pocket when they’re not using it, but that isn’t the wisest decision.

It’s not difficult for a device to work its way out and fall to the floor. If you put your phone in your back pocket, you may forget about it and crack the screen when you sit down.

That’s why it’s recommended to put your phone in your purse or attach it to your belt loop.

Clean Your Phone 

Your phone sees a lot of action during the day. Every time you take it out, it gathers grime and bacteria. It can really mess with the ports.

It can also scratch up your iPhone screen.

Run a damp cloth over your screen. Don’t use alcohol, abrasive cleaners, or glass cleaners. Those products will do more harm than good.

Watch How You Handle Your Device 

The last bit of iPhone protection advice we have for you is to watch how you handle it. Unless you have a pop socket, you should always hold your phone with both hands.

When you place your phone on a table, make sure that it’s face up and sitting near the middle. That makes it less likely that you’ll knock it off.

No matter how much your children ask if they can play games on your phone, don’t give in.

Prevent a Cracked iPhone Screen and Protect Your Investment 

You spent a lot of money on your iPhone. The last thing you want is to dish out more on an expensive screen repair.

All it takes to prevent a cracked iPhone screen is a case and protector. You should also consider installing a pop socket or opting for a skin instead of a case if you want some extra grip.

For more tips that will help you keep your phone in tip-top shape, visit the Computers & Electronics section of our blog.

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