How is the Auto Industry Benefitting from New Tech?

Stuart Williams
By Stuart Williams 4 Min Read
how is auto industry benefitting from new tech featured

The world keeps turning and every single day, new inventions are born, making life that little bit nicer and in this short article, we look at some of the new tech in the auto industry that you can see in 2024 models.

  • Hybrid power units – We started by combining the internal combustion engine with lithium iron batteries, which is a great idea, yet now we have made amazing advancements, with hydro innovations; some supercars have 3 separate power options and each keeps the others running. Toyota just announced an engine that runs on hydrogen and the only emission is H2O, which is water. Of course, every car needs servicing and maintenance, and with affordable qualified service from My Motors in Brookvale, your ride will always be ready.
  • Individual wheel power drive & suspension – Take a look at any of today’s supercars and you will see each wheel has its own electric motor that manages suspension and power drive, bringing the perfect handling.  The research that went into this field reached billions of dollars, which gave us a system that can deliver power to all 4 wheels separately, while also managing the suspension.
  • In-car tech – All new models have a rear cam (some have 360-degree coverage) and a central console on the sound system that integrates Bluetooth and the web, allowing you to feed a location into Google Maps from your smartphone. Voice activation will soon be the norm, with AI playing a vital role. Sound systems are amazing, with small speakers that deliver surround sound and the software manages the vehicle completely.
  • EVs – The development of Electric Vehicles is ongoing; we began with golf carts in the 80s and we now have Tesla, leading the way in EV cutting-edge tech. Driverless cars are here and many countries are looking at legislation to introduce autonomous vehicles on our roads. Some would say the future is scary; drone transportation has already reached single-seater vehicles; indeed, in some countries, people drones are already in the skies. In the event your bike is stolen, here are steps to take.
  • Anti-theft solutions – Car thieves develop digital devices that copy a car’s key signal, yet the word is out that a blockchain system will send car theft into oblivion. Could it be that we will never have to worry about someone stealing our car? Only time will tell!
  • Car wraps & paint – Tech development hasn’t stood still in this field; far from it, with state-of-the-art ceramic wraps in all colours. You can protect your car in many different ways, bodywork coatings are made from composite materials that resist anything the world can throw.

We could say that the auto industry is entering a new dimension and with AI, we can expect to see more innovation, as engineers and designers come together to bring a new generation of vehicles into the world.

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