Facilisgroup Tech Services Empowers Promotional Product Distributors

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facilisgroup tech services empowers promotional product distributors featured

Facilisgroup provides management consulting and technology services that enable business growth for promotional product distributors.

Their offerings include web-based business automation services, software services that streamline processes and increase productivity, results driven sales programs, high impact marketing programs, buying leverage opportunities and graphic services among others.


Facilisgroup utilizes various technology solutions to strengthen its community and empower its members. From proprietary software to professional services, the organization’s focus on both community development and technical expertise equips its members with all they need for success in an increasingly competitive industry. You can visit this site for more information on community development.

Syncore, their software-as-a-service offering, streamlines processes and increases productivity for promotional products distributors. The solution includes CRM and sales management capabilities as well as workflow automation, order processing, invoicing, real-time reporting and white labeled managed website as well as its latest addition, Commercio which enables distributors to host their own eCommerce storefront to sell directly to customers.

Facilisgroup charges members a monthly subscription fee based on their revenue to gain access to programs, consulting and software systems provided by the company. Unlike franchise groups, it grants its members full autonomy over their businesses and profits.

Supply Chain

A supply chain refers to the processes involved in taking raw materials through production to final products, from planning and sourcing through manufacturing, transport, quality inspection and shipment. You can click the link: https://onlinebusiness.umd.edu/what-is-supply-chain-management-and-why-is-it-important/ for more information.

A good way of looking at it would be as a series of stages contributing towards creating final goods – all contributing towards meeting customer demands at just the right moment in time!

Collaboration among all parties involved ensures customers receive exactly what they require when they require it – the ultimate aim being customer satisfaction with timely deliveries of needed products and services.


Facilisgroup is more than a technology platform; it’s an online community for networking and knowledge-sharing within the industry. Furthermore, this company provides invaluable technical services that enable distributors to remain profitable in a highly competitive marketplace. This is a suite of services that many companies find valuable.

Facilisgroup’s business platform relies heavily on community, which means tapping the network of contacts to promote each member’s success and provide all resources required for professional growth. This can include personal and team development.

Early this year, Facilisgroup launched a three-week virtual program designed to introduce 12 newly hired Facilisgroup employees to the industry. This provided them with a rare opportunity to network with leading suppliers, distributor partners and industry professionals while earning professional certification from PPAI – as well as invaluable knowledge that would aid their journeys toward becoming successful leaders.

As soon as the pandemic hit, many distributors found it challenging to travel or attend in-person events. With networking being an essential aspect of Facilisgroup experience, it was essential that their partners reconnect during Partner Summit 2024, the first event after it had passed.

At this conference, distributors, suppliers, and a range of industry experts gathered for sessions focused on professional development, product updates and overall industry motivation.

Attendees also visited Facilisgroup’s Preferred Supplier Showcase trade show floor that showcased all 62 suppliers; experienced promotional products through Rock the Block fashion shows or live cooking demonstrations featuring HPG Brands; as well as volunteering their services with Faciliscares projects such as creating gift bags for homeless children in Nashville as part of birthday parties hosted by Faciliscares project volunteers.


Facilisgroup’s team of technical service specialists is equipped to offer top-tier support.

Equipped with extensive knowledge and a vast network, these experts are skilled at troubleshooting issues quickly, offering timely advice, and offering effective resolutions. These specialists are accessible via phone call, email and live chat support services. This makes it easy to access their expertise whenever and whenever it is needed.

Organization has also created an information security team which ensures all servers are equipped with anti-virus software, firewalls and other essential safeguards, including password changes on a regular basis and closing any unused ports as soon as patches become available.

Facilisgroup provides employees with a competitive benefit package, including medical, dental, vision coverage, retirement matching contributions and market-leading paid time off. Furthermore, Facilisgroup is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on any basis including race, religion, age, gender, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, veteran status or criminal history. This is important for clients looking to work with a reputable company.

Facilisgroup is an award-winning management consulting and technology services company dedicated to driving business growth for promotional products distributors. Their comprehensive offerings include integrated Web-based business automation infrastructures, software services that streamline processes and increase productivity, results-driven sales processes, high impact marketing programs, buying leverage services and graphic services.

Furthermore, Facilisgroup’s proprietary Syncore platform is an end-to-end SaaS business solution offering CRM and sales management, digital marketing capabilities, order processing invoicing & real time reporting capabilities. These services are perfect for companies looking to streamline their process.

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