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The world of piracy is an all time running market with the data protection being its major threat. Not all the time copying any content or disc is illegal; there are some situations where it is necessary to carry out. Say you want to save an original piece of movie and make personal copies for daily use purpose by young members in your family, but you may be unsuccessful in doing it if it’s protected. In fear of the increasing piracy crime, several companies are coming up with a protection kit. One such company named Verance has designed a copy protection called Cinavia. Now, this is an absolute obstacle in the copy process.

This interferes in playing personal back-ups. It’s specially introduced to interrupt the recorded movies from the theater or what we usually mention as the theatre print (CAM releases) on the World Wide Web. Recently, along with the software from Nero, Cyberlink, the Cinavia detector is also been found in hardware Blu-ray player from PS3 (PlayStation 3), etc. Moreover, it’s also estimated to be found in X-box and PS4. However, the old ones do not contain this detector and hence, the Cinavia protected disc copies can be accepted.

Certain audio watermarks are imprinted on several locations of audio stream of the content that gets transferred when that particular content is recorded, be it a video or audio piece. Note that the audio quality is not at all affected by these watermarks. If those watermarks are found and some notable preconditions are matched then the piracy is detected. This is done by the Cinavia detector and further copying is disrupted.

In order to tackle and git rid of this protection, we first need to get acquainted with the symptoms of protected content. Following are some of the signs that show the presence of Cinavia protection and the methods to crack them down:

How to Perform Cinavia Playstation 3 Errors Fix:

Well, for your best experience, we have listed methods which provide temporary and permanent Cinavia Protection for PS3. Choose one which you prefer and get rid of Cinavia thing. Keep in mind that free methods don’t provide permanent fix. Let’s start:-

#1 Temporary Fixes:-

PS3 Fix Cinavia protection can be avoided by changing the date format in the PS3. May be temporarily, but it has definitely worked for many users. Set the date manually and shift the year forward i.e. increment the present year by one.

  • Symptom: When a movie is played, its audio gets mute. A message is displayed that the audio is muted after few minutes on playing the movie and no sound can be heard after.


  1. AnyDVD- AnyDVD is a windows program combined with PowerDVD 12 or ArcSoft TMT 6 in order to play the Cinavia protected copies. Slysoft has released several new updated versions of AnyDVD to make it compatible with the Blu-ray software players due to which they will be unable to detect Cinavia.
  2. DVDFab-This software creates an Advanced Access Content System (AACS) backup that plays on Blu-ray players in spite of completely washing off the Cinavia protection. This is carried out by using the Blu-ray Disc Movie Rec (BDMVREC) format.
  • Symptom: Similarly, a Playback stopped message is shown when the user tries to playback an unauthorized movie recorded from a cinema hall.


  1. NoMoreErrors– Contrary to above solution, the Cinavia protection can be removed from a disc through this case. However, this degrades the audio quality of the movie and results in poor sound effect. The NoMoreErrors has experimented with a module called CinEx module but this experiment has not proved entirely efficient.
  2. Patched firmware– Another solution to this problem is to directly disable the Cinavia detector by using the patched firmware. This sounds interesting but doesn’t work well as per the expectations since it can be applied on selective devices.
  • Symptom: Copying stopped message appears on recording video/audio from a Cinavia protected track. The Cinavia detector present in the recorder detects the piracy.

Solution: Audio editor- Since sound quality is affected negatively on implementing some above mentioned ideas, but there are few settings that may lead you to retain the same audio after removal of protection. This is successfully done by not only just modifying but instead completely changing and mixing up the audio of content.

#2 Want A Permanent Fix For Cinavia In Your PS3?:-

We have tried many guides in order to fix this issue which occurred each time trying to play movies on PS3. One major problem with the above discussed is that the error keeps coming in each 20 minutes period. Hence, we have tried many solutions and finally found a permanent fix for this problem. If spending a little money can solve our problem then money should not be the problem at all. If you know what I mean. We have tried below given product and since then, we have fixed lot of PS3 devices of friends too. Take a minutes and look into this solution and thanks us later. 😀

Final Thought On ByPass Cinavia Protection in PS3:-

We have tried to make you familiar with best possible measures to bypass the Cinavia protection. Try out these and implement practically on your devices. Hope you will be successful in getting rid of the protection and in keeping your personal backups. Do share your views about the mentioned solutions and even feel free to suggest other techniques too!

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