Betting On eSports From Your Mobile Device: Play And Win At Any Time

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By Stuart Williams 5 Min Read
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Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, made our life a lot simpler and easier. One can do pretty much everything if they have the right gadget and stable internet connection: order food, buy groceries, trade cryptocurrency, work, watch media, and, of course, play. Gambling is not an exception. If you enjoy betting on eSports, with a mobile device, you can place your wagers and withdraw money anywhere and anytime you like. And with some games, for example, League of Legends or PUBG Mobile, you can play and bet on the same gadget, easily switching between activities!

Google Play and App Store allow certain gambling applications that comply with their regulations but if your bookmaker does not have a mobile app, you can simply open their website in your mobile browser and proceed without much trouble. That being said, you do need to choose a betting platform carefully to avoid future problems.

Finding a bookmaker: what to know

When looking for a new service, we want it to be helpful, provide options we need, and not cause us trouble. This applies to betting as well! Here is a simple list of things to check when studying your potential bookmaker:

  • They should use advanced technologies. This goes for everything: security guarantees, integration with international payment systems, support for cryptocurrency, adaptiveness to various mobile screens, etc. If the website layout looks like it is early 2000s, it is best to avoid it.
  • Intuitive interface, simple and fast registration process, and other details related to your comfort. You want to have a good time, not try to navigate their system, right?
  • The variety of betting disciplines available. Say, you are adept in several esports niches. It would be most convenient to have all your gambling in one place, not being forced to use several platforms just to bet in LoL and Dota in parallel.
  • The variety of betting options also matters. The diversity of betting types exists for a reason—it allows bettors to form their style and increase their chances to profit. If the bookmaker limits your option, your possibilities get limited as well.
  • Check the withdrawal process before even creating an account. You want to be sure that you can get your payouts quickly, easily, and safely.
  • Same goes for making deposits. Can you fund your account with ease using the options you have? Is your payment information safe?
  • Verification process and other security measures. We cannot stress enough how much importance security has when we are talking about your financial and private data. Learn about how the bookmaker protects your assets from hacking and data leakage.
  • Bonuses and promotions. Betting services always offer something to attract new customers but, obviously, some will grant better conditions than others. This goes for welcome bonuses (one you get for registration), deposit bonuses (that activate when you deposit money), and other rewards. If you can have more, why deny yourself an opportunity?
  • Remember to check how technical support works. If some issues arise, what do you do, and how quickly will your problem be solved? Fast and reliable troubleshooting is a sign of good service.
  • Check online reviews on independent platforms where the bookmaker cannot affect (edit or delete) posts. You can form a general impression of the platform’s reputation.

Studying bookmakers: how to take a shortcut

If you are not keen on the idea of wasting time and investigating every significant online bookmaker in the industry, just use ready-made reviews on

Esports-betting-bro is an online project created to provide bettors with the best advice, guidance, and expertise so that they can get a better gambling experience and maximize their profits. On the platform, one can find reviews and comparisons of the leading bookmakers, betting tips and guides, information about odds in various esports disciplines, and other valuable information and insights, helpful both for beginners and skilled players!

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