The Benefits of Digital Archiving for Support Letters for Inmates: Improving Accessibility, Organization, and Security  

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benefits of digital archiving for support letters for inmates

Support letters from a husband, mother, or sister can undoubtedly increase the chances of getting parole. But, you must be honest, detailed, and organized to write a powerful suport letter for inmates. Most importantly, you’re fortunate enough if you have old parole letters from your family passed down to you.

So, preserve them to ensure such precious information is available to your inmate after being granted parole. Undoubtedly, digital archiving is one of the most secure ways to preserve a support letter for your inmates. Keep reading for more benefits of digital archiving your support letters.

Improving Accessibility

It can be time-consuming and challenging to locate a physically filed parole letter. That’s where digital archival comes in if you want to save time on this issue. Digital archival helps you access the data in a few clicks effortlessly. Your data is stored safely on cloud technology, solid-state drives, hard disks, or flash memory cards.

Enhancing Organization

It helps to be extra cautious when preserving your hard copies in any form. Some quality of the paper may crack or fade away when stored improperly. This can subject you to asthma and hypersensitivity conditions if you handle paper preservatives like Thione or Glutaraldehyde inappropriately.

Plus, you might have to punch, laminate and preserve your letters to safeguard the information. It is best to digitally archive your letters as it helps save all these hassles. Digital archiving typically involves saving your documents in easy-to-organize folders.

Keeping Data Secure

Information can be lost quickly and easily if it’s in hard copies. For instance, you might misplace your parole letter if you file it alongside tons of paperwork. Plus, locating a physically filed letter can be time-consuming and challenging. Fortunately, this differs from digital archiving as you can access everything with a few clicks.

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If you sort your information correctly, you can have everything in folders. You’re unlikely to lose it if it’s available right in front of you. You can also search for it easily by typing in the search bar. With that, you can access everything effortlessly.

Preserving the Environment

The U.S. uses nearly 70 million of trees to produce paper and paper products annually. Forest damage and loss are one of the leading causes of global warming. Rainfall and snow patterns are shifting, temperatures are rising, and horrific climate events like heavy storms are becoming more common. Such climate changes are linked to increased levels of global warming caused by human activities like deforestation!

Plus, solid waste produced by papers adds a significant amount of pollution to your water supplies and atmosphere. Switch to digital archiving for a bold step towards eco-friendliness as it doesn’t involve using papers that can destroy the environment.

Maintaining Information Confidentiality

It can be easy to steal, destroy or lose information, especially on hard copies. This, ultimately, risks your data confidentiality. Fortunately, digital archival help reduces the risk of manifolds. It may be challenging to eliminate the risk, but you can’t deny it’s minimized.

Saving Costs

It’s insecure, inefficient, and expensive to store your information on paper. Unfortunately, many people still use this old way because they’re discouraged by the perspective that new tech is risky and unaffordable. But digital archiving saves you money by reducing the need for storage space and costs associated with managing hard copy information. The major cost savings come from not having to print files. Printing documents is expensive, particularly if you need to print in color.

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Improving Second Chance Retrieval

You can lose your letters if you discard them. And it may be challenging to retrieve the lost documents. That’s the hassle of preserving and saving your documents physically. But with digital archival, you can safeguard your files from being accidentally deleted or lost. Even when you delete the document, it should be archived for at least 30 days. So, your important information can’t be affected even after deleting the documents once.

Digital Archive Your Support Letters for Inmates Today

Digital archiving is undeniably essential. It frees up space and cuts spending on securing and maintaining storage spaces. Plus, digital data archives stay organized, enabling you to retrieve and use data when needed. Easy and quick access to stored information can streamline your parole application process. And storing data on the cloud prevents it from being destroyed, misfiled, or accessed by unauthorized people. Move your parole letters to a digital archive to help you achieve your objectives with minimal risk and cost.

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