Zelda BoTW Stealthfin Trout Locations: How to Get It and Its Uses

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zelda botw stealthfin trout locations

Stealthfin Trout is one of several types of fish present in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It has a blue body, white spots, and red fins. It is a highly elusive fish, so, it can be quite difficult to entrap.

Luckily, there are things you can do that will make catching this fish easier than it would normally be. In this article, we will teach you about them and help make entrapping this fish easy for you.

How to Get Stealthfin Trout

Stealthfin trout are present in several places of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and you can catch them in any of these locations.

  • Lake Mekar: the best location to farm Stealthfin trout in BoTW. It is a large swath of water that encamps the Great Hyrule Forest. If you want to catch a substantial amount of this fish, proceed to the lake’s southern region. Here, you will find the highest concentration of this fish within the game.

If you are unsure of where Lake Mekar is, you will find it between the narrow land passage that heads to the forest in the east and the Mekar Island in the west.

When you spot this fish, you have two options. One is to bomb them and the other is to glide above them. After this, you can then drop down to farm them while they are unaware. We recommend you catch this fish from the outer region of the lake. This is because the fog in the forest will transport you back to shore if you get too close to it.

  • You can also farm BoTW Stealthfin trout in a small lake situated in the southwestern region of the Great Hyrule Forest. While this lake doesn’t have as many fishes as Lake Mekar, it is smaller and this makes it easier to catch fish here. However, the fog in this area might impede your fishing. With determination, you can sure you will overcome. The alternative is to fish from the nearby shrine waypoint.
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If you can’t see the Stealthfin trout during the day for one reason or the other, retreat and then return when it is dark. This is because the fish possesses a form of bioluminescence that makes it glow in the dark, thereby making it easier for you to spot at that time.

What Can You Use the Stealthfin Trout For?

Stealthfin trout has many benefits for Link within the game. These benefits include:

Restore Heart Containers

When processed, the Stealthfin trout can restore Link’s heart containers. Here is how:

  • Cook the trout; then eat it. This will restore one and half heart containers. To cook these fish, use either volcanic heat or a source of fire. The result will be tasty Roasted Trout.
  • Freeze it through subjection to extreme cold. For instance, you can leave it in cold water or ice elemental weaponry. This will restore one heart container. Also, you will be awarded a temporary Level 1 Heat Resistance that lasts one minute.

Increase Stealth

You can put the fish in a cooking pot to prepare dishes that possess the “Sneaky” effect. This will increase your stealth, although temporarily.

Create Sneaky Elixir

If you cook Stealthfin trout with “sneaky” critters, like Sunset Firefly, and Monster parts, you will be able to produce a sneaky elixir.

Enhance Upgrades

Like “sneaky” cooking ingredients, Stealthfin trout glows at night and in dark places. As a result, you can use them to upgrade Chest Guard, Stealth Mask, and Tights that have been set through Great Fairies. To accomplish these upgrades, you will need a large number of Stealthfin trout. So, ensure you catch a lot when you go fishing.

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Increased Concentration

If you consume the bioluminescent compound that confers glowing on this fish, you will earn increased concentration.

Noise Suppression

When you cook a dish with this fish, you will be conferred with a noise suppression ability upon consumption.

The Stealthfin trout is a creature that is chockful of benefits to Link, even though it is difficult to catch. With the methods mentioned above, you should find entrapping it easier and be well on your way to deriving the many benefits it provides.

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