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ZabaSearch Review: An In Look To People Search Online Services


People search engines are today the new and easy way to track down someone. Whether it’s your long lost loved one or someone you need to find, people search engines are quite remarkable. Although some require you to pay for the services, ZabaSearch is free unless you require more details about the person you are tracking down.

It is essential to point out that ZabaSearch collect information from public records and will never share any other information other than what is available in your public records. According to the people who use this platform, here are the things that come out clear;

Employers use ZabaSearch a lot

In the United States, you can never trust a new employee and allow them to operate within your business premises without sing a background check up on them. Since it is believed that someone with a criminal record is most certainly capable of repeating a criminal deed, employers are not taking any chances.

The ZabaSearch tracking services has been able to provide employers with reliable people search free online services for background checkup.

ZabaSearch is reliable

The most important feature if any people search engine site efficiency. It will make no sense if a people search website does not work. With ZabaSearch, you can use the free search option which will provide you with significant results about the person you are searching for like their address and maybe a phone number.

For the paid service, however, you can track someone up to their doorsteps without missing a turn hence making the platform a more reliable source of tracking down anyone.

You can opt out of the service but not fully

Some people are not comfortable hanging their details on sites such as ZabaSearch. In most cases, these are highly influential people in our society especially the ones associated with the government.

By getting in touch with ZabaSearch, you can block your data from being accessed through the platform. However, it is good to know that someone can still access your information if they use the paid services.

Accurate results

ZabaSearch allows you to fine-tune your search so that you can provide more precise information about someone. Other than the name of the person, you can include the state they are in and other details that will bring you more relevant results.

Know that some so many people have been able to track down their loved one on the platform in the United States, and it will work for you.

Anyone can access your information

This is one feature about ZabaSearch that does not impress everyone, especially the VIPs. Since the information provided on this search website is collected from public records, you can never start your life on a clean slate. That is if you have some terrible records on your open files and the fact that anyone can access this data make you vulnerable to many things.

ZabaSearch is easy to access

Using ZabaSearch is easy because all you need is a computer or phone and internet connection. Since it is not an app, you can quickly access it through your browser and get down to tracking. Apart from being easy to access, ZabaSearch is a people’s search engine that is easy to use.

When you log on to the website, you don’t need to navigate to anywhere since all you require to start is on the home page. On typing the exact name of the person you are searching for and selecting the state, you are done. From the results gotten, however, you are free to advance with your search.


Now that it is known that ZabaSearch and other people search engines collect information from public files, it is good to live carefully. You should also know that other platforms like social media are a source of data for people search websites. You, therefore, need to make sure that your social media profiles don’t expose you.

When using ZabaSearch, it is essential to take note that to use the paid service; you will have to access the assistance of a partnering company to ZabaSearch. Hence, do not get surprised when you get redirected to a different page.

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