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Your Guide To Choosing The Perfect Toilet


Looking for a new toilet and are unsure of what type of toilet to choose? Fear not, here we will bring you the latest tips and tricks as to how to choose the perfect toilet for your bathroom.

Firstly, the easiest and most important thing to do before you begin installing or choosing your toilet would be to purposefully plan what type of toilet you would like to have in your bathroom, as well as the different functions or aesthetics you would like it to bring to your bathroom. This means taking the time to actually measure out the dimensions of your current toilet or bathroom space to determine the new size of the toilet to come. At victoria plum bathrooms, you’ll find all the bathroom amenities you need.

Replacing A Toilet

If you are replacing a toilet, it would be a good idea to get the dimensions of the old one and use that as a reference when choosing a new toilet. To do this, you would need to measure the length of the wall behind the centre of the bolts at the base of your toilet. In the event that your toilet has four bolts, measure to the back two. In general, the usual rough measurement would be around eleven to thirteen inches. Once you have your measurements, use that to gauge the dimensions of your new toilet. There are many toilets that have a measurement of ten inches or so available. These are great if you are someone who has a small bathroom. In the event where you do have a smaller sized bathroom, it is also a good idea to have a good measurement of the area around the toilet as well to create space for movement.

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Toilet Type

Next would be to decide on the toilet type of your choice. For toilets, they usually come in a one or two-piece model. The one-piece toilets have the tank and bowl in one integral unit. These designs tend to give off a sleek vibe though they do cost more than a two-piece toilet. The two-piece toilets are usually more affordable in comparison to the one-piece since it is more common and thus competitively priced. In addition to these two designs, there are also high tech toilets. These toilets have features such as heated seats or even an integrated bidet.

Seat Height

Seat heights should also be considered. Getting a toilet that is chair height is a good idea for individuals who are older or with mobility limitations as it is much higher than the regular toilets meaning that sitting would be more convenient and comfortable. There is also the option of getting a custom height toilet that is mounted to the wall and is adjustable in terms of height. It ranges from fifteen to twenty-eight inches.

Flush handle locations

Think about where you would like your flush to be. Handles that work on a flush mechanism can be found on the left, top or right side of the tank. There is also the option of getting one with a dual flush action. This would allow you to choose from two different flushes – the full or lighter one or liquid-only waste. These flushes help you to reduce the amount of water wasted in the process. If not, you can stick to the usual single flush. Since these tend to be more common, they have the widest range of designs for you to choose from. Lastly, there is also the automatic flush that works on a motion sensor or the touchless flush that enables you to flush the toilet by simply touching anywhere on the tank! These types of flushes will help reduce the spread of germs!

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Shape Of The Toilet Bowl

The shape of the toilet bowl is also another thing that should be considered. Considering the countless number of designs out there, you should pick a bowl that would perfectly suit your needs and the overall appearance of your bathroom. There are elongated, compact-elongated or rounded front bowls for example. With an elongated toilet down, it provides you with a deeper surface area to sit on and can easily fit into any bathroom size. For the round-front toilets, these are a good option if you are intending on saving space or have a smaller toilet. Lastly, the compact elongated toilets are also smaller in size though slightly bigger than the round bowl ones.

Lastly, the toilet trap. For this component, it is really dependent on how you would like the aesthetic to be. Visible trap toilets are a good option if you are going for the classic look for your bathroom to be paired together with pedestal sinks and freestanding tubs. As such, hidden trap toilets would be better fitted in modern bathrooms. What is the difference between these two traps? Well, for the visible trap, it can be seen from the side of the bowl. For the hidden ones, it creates a flat surface when looked at from the side.

Price Of Toilets

The costs of toilets range widely and it is all based on the type of toilet you choose. There are more affordable ones that are priced as low as one hundred dollars – these are usually the basic economic models. It can then go up to five thousand dollars or so and this would be for the high tech toilets that come with built-in features such as heated seats and LED lights. After you have made a purchase for your toilet, do be sure that other components that are necessary but are not provided are also bought – like a wax gasket and closet bolts. While replacing your toilet, you should also replace the water supply tube as well as the shutoff valve to reduce future problems. If you are unsure of how to install a toilet yourself, do not try to be a hero, seek professional help – though this will cost you a little more. However, in the event of doing so, it would reduce the chances of there being future leakages or problems.

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We hope this article has provided you with all the information you need about replacing or installing a new toilet. Happy toilet shopping!

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