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Hey there! Did you know that in Sims 4, you’re not just stuck with changing how your Sim looks? You can actually shape their whole personality, pick out fun hobbies for them, and even choose their job. And guess what? One of the coolest things they can do is write songs! If you’re curious about how to get your Sim to be a music star, you’re in the right place.

In this guide, we’re going to walk you through how to write awesome songs in Sims 4, whether you’re playing on a PC or a console. We’ll talk about using different instruments to make your music. But that’s not all – if you dream of your Sim making money from their music, we’ve got tips for that too! Plus, we’ll answer some questions you might have about songwriting in Sims 4. Let’s get started and make some music!

How to Write Songs in Sims 4?

Are you ready to turn your Sim into a music genius? Great! First things first, let’s talk about what you need to do to start writing songs in Sims 4. It’s pretty simple, actually. Here’s your quick start guide:

  1. Shop for an Instrument: Your Sim needs an instrument to make music. So, head over to the game’s catalog and pick any musical instrument you like. Guitar, violin, piano – it’s all up to you!
  2. Practice Makes Perfect: Now, it’s practice time! To unlock the super cool songwriting option, your Sim needs to get really good at playing their instrument. Aim to reach level eight in the instrument skill. How? Just keep playing!
  3. Write Your First Song: Once your Sim is a pro at their instrument, it’s time to write a song. Click on the instrument and choose the option to ‘Write Song’. And voilà – you’re a songwriter!

A Little Tip: In the basic version of Sims 4, you can only use a guitar, violin, or piano. But want more? If you grab the City Living expansion, your Sim can sing. For DJ mixing, check out the Get Together expansion. And if you’re into media production, the Get Famous expansion is your go-to.

How to Write Songs in Sims 4 Base Game?

Whether you’re playing Sims 4 on a PC, console, or any other device, writing a song is a piece of cake. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Find Your Instrument: First, go to the musical instrument you have in the game. Click on it to get started.
  2. Start Writing: Now, look for the option that says ‘Write Song’ and click on it. This is where the magic begins!
  3. Choose Your Tune: The game will show you a bunch of songs to choose from. The better you are at playing the instrument (higher skill level), the more song options you get. Pick the one that sounds cool to you!
  4. Name Your Masterpiece: After your Sim finishes writing the song, you get to name it. Type in a catchy name and hit ‘Ok’ to save it.
  5. Play Anytime: Want to hear your song? Just click on the instrument again and select ‘Play’. Enjoy your own music!
  6. Go Pro: Got to level nine in playing your instrument? Awesome! Now you can license your song and start earning from it.
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Extra Tips for Budding Musicians

  • Meet Your Sim’s Needs: Before your Sim starts writing, make sure they’re happy and all their needs are met. Writing a song takes time, and you don’t want them to get grumpy halfway through.
  • Save Your Work: If you need to stop writing, don’t worry! Your song draft gets saved. To keep working on it later, just go to your inventory and click on the song sheet icon. You can even work on several songs at the same time!

How to Write Licensed Songs in Sims 4?

So, you’ve got your Sim writing songs and you’re thinking, “Can I make some Simoleons out of this?” Absolutely! Licensing your songs in Sims 4 is the way to go. Here’s your step-by-step guide to earning money with your Sim’s music:

  1. Become a Music Pro: First, make sure your Sim is really good at their musical instrument. You need to reach level nine in the instrument skill. Keep practicing!
  2. Find Your Mailbox: Ready to license a song? Head over to your Sim’s mailbox. Yes, the mailbox is where all the business happens.
  3. License Your Hit Song: Click on the mailbox and look for the option that says ‘License Song’. Select it, then choose the instrument and the song you want to license. It’s like telling the game, “Hey, I want to earn money with this song!”
  4. Earn Your Royalties: The next morning, your Sim will start receiving royalty payments. That’s your music making money for you!
  5. A Week of Fame: The payments will keep coming for a week. But remember, during this time, you can’t write new songs with the same instrument. It’s a little break for your Sim to enjoy their success!

How to Write Songs and Get Famous in Sims 4?

Are you dreaming of making your Sim a famous musician in Sims 4? If royalty payments are just the beginning for you, here’s how you can aim for the stars. But first, you’ll need to have the Get Famous expansion. Ready? Let’s dive into the world of fame and music!

  1. Master Media Production: It’s time to get creative with music production. Work on your media production skills by producing and remixing music tracks. You want to become a master at this, so practice, practice, practice!
  2. Release Your Tracks: Got to level five in media production? Have a cool song ready? Great! Go to your inventory and select ‘Release Track’. This will send your music to radio stations. Imagine your Sim’s song playing all over!
  3. Gain Fame with Each Song: Every time you release a song, your Sim gets more famous. Think of it like climbing a ladder to stardom, one song at a time.
  4. Sign with a Record Label: Want to boost your fame even more? Consider sending your songs to a record label. This is a big step! To sign with a label, you need to keep producing new songs regularly, like every day. It’s a lot of work, but hey, that’s what stars do!
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How to Sing in Sims 4?

Ready to make your Sim a singing sensation? If you’ve got the City Living expansion in Sims 4, you’re all set to hit those high notes. Let’s turn your Sim into a singing star!

  1. Start Simple: Begin your singing journey in fun ways like belting out tunes in the shower or at karaoke bars. It’s all about getting comfortable with your voice.
  2. Level Up Your Singing: Keep practicing until your Sim reaches the second level in singing skill. How? Just grab a microphone or simply click on your Sim and choose to practice singing. It’s like warming up your vocal cords for the big show!
  3. Write Your Own Lyrics: Got to level eight in singing? Awesome! Now your Sim can select the ‘Write Lyrics’ option. This lets you record the vocal part of a song. It’s like putting your thoughts and feelings into music.

Extra Tips for Aspiring Singers

  • Sing and Play: Want to be a double threat by singing and playing an instrument? You’ll need at least level three in an instrument skill and level two in singing. Imagine your Sim strumming a guitar while singing a song they wrote. Cool, right?

How to Write Songs Faster in Sims 4?

Do you want to boost your Sim’s musical skills super fast in Sims 4? You can do it with a few cheats and mods. Here’s your quick guide to becoming a music maestro in no time!

  1. Open the Cheat Box: Ready to use some cheats? Here’s how:
    • On a PC: Press Ctrl + Shift + C all at once to open the cheat input box.
    • On Consoles: Press all the triggers on your controller simultaneously.
  2. Activate Cheats: In the cheat box, type testingcheats true and then press Enter. This turns on the cheat mode in the game.
  3. Boost Your Skills: Want to be a guitar hero instantly? Open the cheat box again and type stats.set_skill_level Major_Guitar 10. This command will shoot your guitar skill right up to level 10! Replace ‘Guitar’ with any other instrument you’re learning, like ‘Piano’ or ‘Violin’.
  4. Speed Up Songwriting: To make songwriting faster, you’ll need to use mods. Mods are like cool game add-ons. Find a mod for faster songwriting online (like the ‘Faster Songwriting’ mod on Mod The Sims) and install it. Then, run the game with the mod, and watch your Sim write songs at lightning speed!
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How to Put Your Own Music in Sims 4?

Want to jam to your favorite songs while playing Sims 4 on your PC? You can totally do that by adding your own music to the game! Just follow these easy steps, and you’ll be listening to your personal playlist in no time.

  1. Check Your Music File: First, make sure the song you want to add is in .mp3 format. Also, it shouldn’t be more than 320kbit/sec. Think of it like making sure your song fits perfectly in the game.
  2. Find the Right Folder: Go to your Documents, then find the ‘The Sims 4’ folder. Inside it, you’ll see a folder named ‘Custom Music’. That’s where your songs will live!
  3. Pick a Radio Station: In the Custom Music folder, you’ll see different subfolders for each radio station in the game. Choose the radio station where you want your song to play.
  4. Move Your Music: Drag and drop your .mp3 file into the radio station’s subfolder. It’s like telling the game, “Hey, play this song on this station!”
  5. Game Time with Your Tunes: Now, open Sims 4, turn on the radio station you chose, and voila! Your custom song should be playing. Dance party, anyone?

The Conclusion

So, you’ve learned all about making music in Sims 4. Sure, becoming a music star in the game might take some time and might not make your Sim super rich right away. But hey, being creative is all about the fun and the journey, right?

We hope our guide has made everything about songwriting in Sims 4 super clear for you. If you’re set on being a musician in the game, why not learn a bunch of different instruments? You’ll be a multi-talented music sensation before you know it!

Have you played around with the Get Famous and Get Together expansions? Do they make your Sims 4 music experience even cooler? And what about songwriting in the game – do you wish it were quicker? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below. We’re super excited to hear about your Sims 4 music adventures!

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