WhatsApp: How to Write in Italics, Bold, Strikethrough, and Underlined?

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Hey there, WhatsApp Wiz! 📱Guess what? If you’re using WhatsApp, just like a billion other people around the world, there’s some cool stuff you might not know about it. Ever gotten a message with bold words and thought, “How’d they do that?” Or seen italic words that lean like they’re doing the limbo? How about words with a line right through them or words that look like they were typed on a typewriter?

Well, good news! You don’t need to be a tech genius to jazz up your messages. It’s super easy.

Let’s jump in and discover these awesome tricks!

WhatsApp – Bold, italic, strikethrough and monospace text 

You know what’s cool? WhatsApp lets you change the look of your text, no matter what kind of phone you or your friend has. Whether you’re Team Android or Team iPhone, it doesn’t matter! If you send a bold message from your Android to your friend’s iPhone, guess what? It stays bold!

If you’re using WhatsApp on your computer (yep, there’s a desktop version!), it’ll look the same there too. That means if you make your text italic, send it from your phone, and then check the message on your computer, it’ll still be leaning over like it just heard a juicy secret.

So, let’s find out how to use these fun text tricks! 🎉

Formatting text for Android and iPhone

Ready to add some pizzazz to your messages? Here’s a super simple guide on how to do it, whether you’re Team Android or Team iPhone:

Step-by-Step Text Magic:

  1. Get Started: First things first, open up WhatsApp on your phone. Whether it’s an Android or an iPhone, it doesn’t matter – the magic works on both!
  2. Pick a Chat: Choose the chat where you want to dazzle someone with your fancy text.
  3. Write Your Message: Type out the words you want to send. It could be a “hello” or even a fun joke!
  4. Highlight Time: Tap and hold down on the message you just wrote. This will highlight the text. You can drag the little handles around to choose just part of your message or the whole thing if you want.
  5. For Android Friends: If you’re on an Android, tap and hold your highlighted text. A menu will pop up. Go to > More > and then you’ll see options like bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace. Pick the one you like!
  6. For iPhone Buddies: If you’re using an iPhone, do the same tap-and-hold thing. Then, tap on > BIU > and you can choose between bold, italic, and strikethrough. (Sorry, no monospace for you iPhone folks!)
  7. Preview Your Artwork: Once you pick a style, you’ll see a quick preview. This is just WhatsApp’s way of saying, “Hey, look how cool your text is gonna be!”
  8. Send with Style: All set? Hit that send button and watch your friend’s reaction to your fancy message.

An alternative method of formatting text in WhatsApp

Ready for another neat WhatsApp trick? If you’re someone who loves shortcuts (I mean, who doesn’t?), this one’s for you. Instead of using the whole tap-and-hold method, you can just add some simple symbols to your text and poof – it’ll change just like magic!

Easy Symbol Guide:

  • Want your text to lean over like it’s whispering a secret? Add an ‘underscore’ ( _ ) at the start and end of your words. Like this: whisper
  • Want to put a fancy line right through your words, as if you’re saying “just kidding!”? Use the ’tilde’ (~) at both ends. Example: just kidding
  • Feel like shouting (in a friendly way) with bold words? Use the ‘asterisk’ (*). So, HEY THERE! becomes big and bold.

Here’s How It Works:

Let’s say you want to tell your friend that “WhatsApp is amazing” and you really want to emphasize how AMAZING it is. Just type it out like this: WhatsApp is amazing. With those asterisks at the start and end, your message will stand out as WhatsApp is amazing when you send it.

Change text to monospace

Ever wanted your WhatsApp messages to look like they came straight out of a classic typewriter or old-school computer? WhatsApp lets you do that with a style called monospace or the ‘FixedSys style’. Here’s the magic trick:

  • This fun change is done with a symbol called the backquote (`). It might look like a little sloping comma or a backwards apostrophe.
  • To get that typewriter style, place three backquotes (“`) at the start and end of your words or sentence. And just like that, you’ve gone vintage!
  • If you’re thinking, “But where’s this symbol on my iPhone?”, just press and hold the regular apostrophe key. Then, slide your finger a tad to the left. Ta-da! There’s your backquote (`) waiting for you to use.

Multiple formatting within the same text

Okay, so you’ve got the basics down. But did you know you can combine different styles in just one message? It’s like dressing up your words in layers of cool outfits!

Bold + italics

For instance, if you want a phrase that’s both bold and italic at the same time, here’s how:

  • To jazz up your message with both boldness and a little lean, wrap your phrase with both an asterisk and an underscore. Like this: Feeling fancy!

Italics + strikethrough

For a message that’s both leaning and crossed out:

  • Use the tilde (~) and underscore (_) symbols on both ends of your words or sentence. Example: Look at me leaning and crossed out!

Bold + strikethrough

For a strong message that also has a line through it:

  • Wrap your phrase with both the asterisk (*) and the tilde (~). Example: I’m bold but also crossed out!

Bold + italics + strikethrough

Ready to go all out? For a phrase that’s bold, leaning, and crossed out:

  • Use the asterisk (*), tilde (~), and underscore (_) symbols together at the start and end of your phrase. Example: I’ve got all the styles going on here!

One more thing to keep in mind: Monospace is kinda like the lone wolf of text styles. It wants to be on its own! That means if you try to add other styles to the monospace text, it won’t work. The monospace style is unique and doesn’t play well with others. So, if you’re going for that classic typewriter look, let it shine all by itself.

Wrapping It Up: Mastering WhatsApp Text Styles 🎓✨

And there we have it! From leaning whispers with italics to bold exclamations and the classic vibe of monospace, you’ve now unlocked a treasure trove of WhatsApp text styles. Remember, while it’s fun to play around with these formats, the most important thing is the message you’re sending. Whether you’re keeping it simple or jazzing it up with a mix of styles, it’s all about connecting with the people you care about.

So next time you’re typing out a message, why not sprinkle in a bit of style magic? It adds a touch of personality and flair, and who knows? You might just make someone’s day with your snazzy text skills.

Happy texting, and always remember to communicate from the heart (with a dash of style, of course)! 💌🌈🎉

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