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Working Out Exercises In Unfavorable Conditions


Most of use already have a well-established routine when it comes to working out. We like to go to the gym at a specific time, use the cybex arc machine and weights for the same exercises, and workout for a defined time period.

And as awesome at it may be to form healthy habits as such, sometimes, you will find yourself having to improvise for different reason. Maybe the gym is closed, maybe you are traveling, and maybe you just don’t have the time to go to the gym and get a full workout in, and drive back after that.

So what alternative is there for those times where you need to get a workout in, even if they have little time, equipment, or are away on a business trip or holiday?

Bodyweight training is an efficient way of gaining strength and even putting on a considerable amount of muscle, for those that seek results. Fortunately, you don’t need much space, or equipment, and the few pieces of gear you do use, can usually fit inside of a small backpack.


Bodyweight training, otherwise known as Calisthenics, can be performed effectively in a small office space, in your hotel room, on the beach, in a local park, practically anywhere, for that matter. If you are traveling, it will come to great use as you can use nearby furniture or objects as means of doing various exercises.

Here’s and example; a low table can be used to do rows, or alternatively you can place your feet on the table to do decline pushups. A football post or tree branch can be used to pull ups and more, a raised wall or tree stump can act as the means of doing plyometric work… You get the point.

If you are crafty you can really come up with dozens of brilliant ways of using the environment around you to your advantage.


To really optimize your bodyweight training, you can get your hands on two different pieces of equipment, and you really will be able to do practically any exercise you want, anywhere. My number one recommendation would be to get some gymnastic rings. They are a powerful tool that alone are enough to make you progress for years. Any regular bodyweight movement you do on them such as dips, pull ups, push ups and more, will automatically become much more of a challenge, as you have to learn to stabilize the rings, an extra effort which recruits a ton of extra muscle fibers, favoriting muscle and size growth.

Just throw the rings over anything that can support your weight, a balcony overhang, a tree branch, or even a basketball net rim. They can be adjusted for whatever movement you want to do, and weight absolutely nothing? They can be carried with you on an airplane which makes them the ideal travel companion.

The second tool you could get that would really make your workouts that much more efficient and fun, are parallettes. You can use them to do a wide variety of different exercises, just like gymnastic rings, and will also make movements like push ups easier on your wrists – ideal for those who have wrist issues. Most parallettes can be disassembled, fit in a small backpack, and take no more than 30 seconds to put together and get your workout started.

With these two items you have access to instant workouts, anywhere, at any time. And you really don’t need much more.

So next time you are traveling or don’t have access to a gym, don’t skip your workout entirely! Put together a bodyweight routine for yourself with basic compound exercises, and get that training in session in. You may even greatly enjoy the possibility of working out outside, something you wouldn’t necessarily get to do, should you be using regular weights and machines.

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