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10 WordPress Plugins That Are Essential For WEB DESIGN


WordPress is a top pick among consumers and web designers across the world. It is a popular blogging platform and have the frequently used CMS. It is well known because it supports templates and plugins, which allows it to be highly flexible and customizable to cater to the varied website requirements. This is why web design companies like A Plus Digital prefer this popular platform when building websites.

Such flexibility, together with its big popularity, only shows means that there are plenty of thousands of free WordPress website tutorials, WordPress themes and plugins at hand on the web. Although, the sorting of the wheat from the chaff can be difficult. Hence, be sure to check out these lists of the best WordPress plugins available below. It will add functionality to any website. What’s more, they are all free.

#1 Everest Forms

This plugin allows to quickly create forms with the use of a simple drag-and-drop interface to make a layout that works effectively on smartphones as the desktop. Also, it covers options to promote multiple languages.

Everest Forms

#2 Speed Booster Pack

Speed Booster Pack aids in the loading speed by lowering down the scripts, removing blocking scripts, effective database calls and loading assets at the same time.

#3 Wordfence Security

This WordPress plugin will permit you to overlook at the attempts that maliciously access your site. It, also, permits support for the likes of two-factor authentication, which is an important security concern, today.

#4 Google Analyticator

The Google Analyticator plugin allows the JavaScript code necessary to bear Google Analytics on the WordPress platform.

#5 The Events Calendar

This WordPress event plugin allows the WordPress post types to take place with a new event class, which permits you to quickly form events and adding functionality like the chance to integrate maps, render a list, search events and calendar view.

#6 AMP for WP

The Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project is an advisable feature in WordPress. Google is particularly showing websites with AMP pages over the search results page than those sites without AMP. In this lieu, this plugin allows to quickly add support for AMP automatically.

#7 Duplicator

This plugin aids in lowering down the installation pain by permitting users to move a site, migrate, clone and copy.

#8 Page Builder

Page Builder is a plugin that permits the content editors to have a hand in controlling the page layout, with the intuitive WordPress similar environment. Also, it works with the entire themes and plugins, which allows it to quickly generate flexible responsive layouts even with the absence for any coding knowledge at all.

#9 JetPack

The plugin is wide and varied. Also, it covers an improved gallery system, email subscription to the site, a built-in URL shortener feature, inline spelling and grammar checking, social network-based messaging and cloud-hosted stats for your site.

#10 Modula Image Gallery

This WordPress plugin allows the host of varied options, which permits the true customization over forcing users to use a visual style that matches each other gallery on the Internet.

Modula Image Gallery

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