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How Wireless Technologies Are Affecting The Use Of Audio Devices


Technology is progressing faster than anyone could have predicted. The desire on every customer’s mind is convenience. We have used audio devices for centuries. These devices will always be needed for accessibility, comfort, and entertainment.

Wireless technologies have given us the mechanics to evolve audio devices. This will change how our relationships with devices has once been. The main form of wireless technology that is affecting our use of audio devices is Bluetooth. Bluetooth is capable of exchanging data wirelessly between devices. Bluetooth can be ‘paired’ between laptops, smartphones, speakers and other various devices.

It involves less power than the transfer of data through cords, and is easier to use. Bluetooth can also connect to multiple devices simultaneously. This allows multiple devices to receive the data instantly. Bluetooth will soon be able to connect to any of your friends and family’s devices no matter the location.

Headphones are one of the most well-known audio devices. Headphones have given us the opportunity to listen to music, TV shows, podcasts, and the news without disturbing anyone around us. Some headphones offer consumers noise cancelling technology. Looking for the best deals might be tough as there are many options in the market now. But if you are looking for headphones in different price ranges and quality, Headphones Lab should be where to visit. This allows customers to enjoy their programs with no interruptions from outside sources. In the near future, smart technology will be built into these audio devices.

This will deliver location and time sensitive updates. You may be notified of weather, live translations, your daily schedule, planned routes to avoid delays, workout performances, and physical health updates. If you currently own a device, you will own a pair of headphones or other similar audio devices. In 2009, there was $4 billion USD sold in audio devices, mainly headphones.

Now, compared to 2017, $27 billion USD was sold in audio related technology. This category expanded due to the increase of non-smart wireless speakers and internet-connected smart speakers. Headphones alone sold $15 billion USD in 2017. Amazon is currently the world’s biggest speaker brand. Apple is soon to release their version of Amazon’s Echo.

A couple decade ago, audio sharing and voice activation was only an idea in movies. Wireless connection such as, LTE, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi make audio sharing possible. Voice activation technology has advanced tremendously recently. It now has a higher quality of sound, will detect your voice in the far field, and gives you the opportunity to personalize wake words.

Wireless technology allows the elimination of cables. Music can be played using wireless speakers and even wireless headphones for tv. You are now able to charge your phone on a charging pad, compared to having to use a cord. Apple is creating phones without a headphone jack to promote the use of wireless headphones. Voice control is becoming more readily available on devices such as, speakers and laptops. In 2015, Amazon introduces Echo.

It allowed consumers to control everything, including music, lights, heat, and ordering products online all by the power of our voices. These devices have around 25,000 skills and commands programmed into them.
Music applications allow you to have all your favourite music in one place. Most major companies that provide audio technology, also provide music applications. Most companies offer monthly subscription for access to unlimited music.

The future of how wireless technology will affect the use of audio devices is unclear. Customers have higher expectations of the products they purchase. As we rely more on our devices, higher interaction levels will be necessary for consumers to purchase audio devices. Consumers continue to be loyal to their favourite brands such as Apple and Amazon. This will play a big role in the products they will choose to purchase. Audio devices will soon be sensor enhanced. They can give you daily reminds, health and fitness update, and order products with ease.

Wireless devices have become common. As technology advances, devices need to advance, to stay relevant. Audio devices are much more than only headphones. Audio devices are now being used in various forms to increase the convenience for the consumer. Wireless technologies will continue to give us the mechanics to evolve audio devices. Audio technology is used on a daily basis, creating a demand for the ease of use, practicality, comfort, accessibility, and convenience. The future of voice activation will change consumption as we currently know it to be.

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