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Windows Permanently Deleted Files Recovery


On windows permanently deleted files means nothing. They stays until their space is covered by new data. When you delete files from your computer, deleted files are still recoverable from recycle bin. But what if recycle bin fails to hold large size data as it can hold data to a limited extent.
It then ask to permanently delete data from your computer. But, one thing to note that permanently deleted files are still recoverable from hard disk partition. Permanently deleted data still remains on hard disk partition unless the space covered by it is fulfilled by other files. Windows just mark the space the file occupies to be occupied for new data storage.

How to Recover Files When Permanently deleted from hard disk

When you empty the recycle bin or delete the files permanently from your computer, in both cases, windows will ask you to confirm the action to delete them permanently. After that windows stops to list them in your hard disk partition. In such cases, the option left behind is to recover them using any recovery tool. But remember always, we have already told that permanently deleted files are still on hard disk but they loses their location and directory where they were located. Now you can recover them but they will collect to a common folder. So, don’t depend on these tools. These are only for emergency situation.

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Steps to Recover Data From Computer

Tools like Recuva and Card recovery are very popular for data recovery.

Recuva is used for hard disk purpose as well as removable disks. While, Card Recovery is special tool for Memory Cards, USB Drives etc if you have accidently formatted your memory card.

Download Link:

  • Download Recuva Tool from Here.
  • Download Card Recovery from Here.

Recuva Guidelines:-

  1. Download and Install the Recuva Tool
  2. Click on Next
  3. Choose File Types to be scanned
  4. Choose the location to be scanned for deleted files
  5. Click Start and let the scan done
  6. Select files and recover them to a specific folder.

Card Recovery Guidance:-

1. Download and Install the Card Recovery Tool.

2. Click Next

3. Choose Driver Letter, Camera Brand and files to be recover and Destination folder to save them all.

4. Start Scanning

How do these tools recover permanently deleted data from hard disk:-

When you delete the file from your computer. It usually moves to Recycle Bin and computer hides it from us, making it completely inaccessible. If we later want to bring them back, we can recover them from recycle bin. But when give command SHIFT + DELETE to computer to delete them permanently they are deleted from Recycle Bin as well as from computer. Computer marks them useless but they are still on hard disk to recover later. Computer marks that space as free for other newly data files and deleted files still remains on computer until their space is covered by new data. Once this thing happened, they are gone forever and they can’t be recovered by any tool available or to be developed. But this is not the case. That’s why don‘t copy new data if you have accidently deleted data and looking to recover it.

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Tips to adopt after deleting files from computer:

1. Always scan your recycle bin for mistakenly deleted files.
2. Stop emptying Recycle Bin Unnecessarily. (Most of us have this bad habit to empty Recycle Bin without any reason)
3. Don’t copy new data to your hard disk until you recover your data.
4. New data will cover the older space so don’t try it.

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