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Why You Are More Likely to Win the Lottery with a Randomly Generated Number than Picking Your Own Numbers


Every person dreams of winning the lottery one day. We all agree that even though winning the lottery has made ordinary people become overnight millionaires; it’s not an event that happens often. Therefore, it’s essential to have information that will help you increase your chances of winning. Here are crucial details that explain why you are more likely to win the lottery with a randomly generated number than picking your own numbers.

Are Humans Creative Enough?

First and foremost, randomly generated numbers are better than the hand-picked ones. This is because human beings tend to pick strategies such as favorite numbers or using family birthdays, and these patterns often come at a cost. As a result, this will make your numbers less random compared to what the system would have chosen on for you.

Secondly, we are generally not good at randomness because we tend not to choose consecutive numbers. We try to spread the numbers over the ticket, thinking that what we have chosen is random enough when it’s not. Usually, there is a chance that consecutive numbers or patterns will occur with reasonable possibility on a winning ticket. This means that if your choice of ‘random’ numbers doesn’t include consecutive numbers, then your set is small, and it may hinder your chances of winning.

The Burden of Choice

Computer-based lottery number generators ease your burden of picking numbers. If you don’t want to spend your whole day thinking about which number to choose, then it’s better to go for randomly generated numbers. It’s vital to note that randomly generated numbers do not come from previous winning numbers, statistical information, or hot numbers.

When making your own choice, you are most likely going to base it on something such as an event or situation, and this brings about some emotional attachment and stress. However, randomly generated numbers don’t bring about emotional feelings, you’ll feel less stressed, and you won’t blame yourself in case the numbers don’t win.

Some people argue that picking their own numbers gives them more control, or they simply have fun playing some birth dates. However, if you go by statistics, about 70% of lottery winners used Quick Pick to choose their numbers according to an article in the New York Post. This means you are better off picking lottery numbers with a Quick Pick than by doing it by yourself.

Randomly Generated Numbers Are Fun

Using randomly generated numbers is actually fun. By using a Quick Pick, you don’t have to be up all night, and you’ll still try your chances of winning while in bed. Working out winning numbers by yourself is not only tiresome but also time-consuming. Time saved when using randomly generated numbers can be used in making income from other ventures.

Realistically, many players who chose to create their numbers end up using similar numbers, hence increasing the chance of sharing the jackpot. Computer-generated numbers cut across a broad spectrum, thereby minimizing the likelihood of many players hitting the prize. When coming up with your random numbers, there is a possibility of having the same idea as many people elsewhere; this significantly lowers your numbers’ uniqueness and winning chances of as well.

The Relationship between Thinking and Brain Fatigue

Thinking is a tedious process which sometimes affects our brain’s efficiency. You can’t play the lottery as many times as you’d like if you are relying entirely on your mind. On the other hand, computers can generate as many numbers as possible. Using infinite randomly generated numbers from systems enables you to play as much as you can without getting fatigued, thereby increasing your likelihood of winning the lottery.

Randomly Generated Numbers for Regular Players

If you are a person who plays regularly, say daily, or weekly, there is a big chance that your own generated numbers will start being repetitive. If you are not creative enough, you might begin to develop a particular pattern that may lower your chances. However, players who try their luck regularly by using randomly generated numbers significantly boost their possibilities and eliminate cases of repetition.

If there were a distinct way of winning the lottery, everyone would have won it. There is no guarantee of winning the lottery, but there are methods you can use to increase your chances majorly. Some people may argue that choosing the number by themselves works for them, but as evidence has proved, randomly generated numbers will give you a higher chance.

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