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The SEO Agency: An Invaluable Biz Partner


In today’s rapidly-changing, increasingly digital Philippines, every business—including yours, will have to know how to use the internet to reach its customers.

How can you do that? One option is to leave your business and devote yourself to learning every aspect of SEO and internet marketing, then do everything yourself. You’ll have to formulate the marketing strategy, create the content and upload it, set up your internet connection, maintain the website, analyze the SEO data and do everything, apart from all the other tech stuff, to implement your own marketing strategy online.

Or, you can simply hire an SEO agency in the Philippines. Find out why doing so is like a walk in the clouds — toward your business’ growth.

SEO is Complicated

In a nutshell, Search Engine Optimization is about making your business’ website or certain types of internet content rank high, so when your customers look for your business in Google, they can find it among Google’s top choices. It may sound simple, but for your business to rank high on Google, you’ll need great content and you must know how to use types of SEO tools. Though you can learn how to use them and get better at SEO yourself, this takes time and costs money.

Your Competition Might Be Using One

Not to get you on the SEO agency bandwagon merely for the sake of it and make yours a “me too” decision, but it’s likely that while you’re still thinking about hiring an SEO agency, your competitors have already hired one. If you’re still undecided, remember that your closest rival could be getting way ahead of your business as you read this, and is enjoying more visibility and reaching more customers online. An easy way to find out is to Google them; if you see their business pop up anywhere on the first page of your search, it’s a safe bet they’ve hired an SEO agency.

Traditional Advertising Doesn’t Cut It
Traditional Advertising

There’s nothing wrong with using traditional advertising for your business, whether it’s TV, radio or print ads. But you must know that an SEO agency can do so much more for you than traditional ads or media. You can definitely use any print or TV ads you have as part of your marketing strategy, then send them over to an SEO agency to use as tools for your SEO and digital marketing. An SEO agency can recommend other pieces of content that may cost less to produce and reach the right target audience every time, all the time.

Traditional Ad Agencies Are Unfamiliar with SEO

Most ad agencies may claim to know or have a small department that handles SEO. Some may actually have SEO experts on board, but you shouldn’t always believe the hype. If an ad agency claims to know SEO then shows you what your Facebook page, Instagram posts, Twitter posts, email or Facebook ads will look like, guess what? They don’t know SEO. A clear sign that says conventional ad agencies are ill-equipped to handle SEO is that many SEO agencies are sprouting in the Philippines. If the ad agencies could do SEO, then the number of SEO agencies simply wouldn’t be growing.

These are a few compelling reasons for hiring an SEO agency. But one of the best reasons to do so is that the Philippines is the country with the highest internet usage. With many Filipinos going online an average of 10 to 12 hours per day, there’s no better motivation than this to partner up with an SEO agency.

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