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Why Your Business Needs a Custom Software


We live in a time where technological improvements have completely taken over all aspects of our life, including the way we do business. IT solutions have become an inevitable part of running a successful business in any industry. In other words, if you fail to integrate corresponding IT solutions in your company, your business will fall behind and lose the race to innovative competitors.

The key to staying one step ahead of your competition is to find ways to increase your productivity and efficiency. By speeding up routine tasks and processes, you can save time and resources that can be invested in further improvements. Thus, along with increased efficiency comes increased profitability, which is the end goal of the entire process.

In order to achieve a higher level of efficiency, you need to create a custom software for your business. There are thousands of readily-available software solutions that you can easily integrate into your business but if you want to stay one step ahead and bring something unique to the market, you need to focus on custom built solutions.

Ready-made software solutions are very plain and offer generalized features, which is why they might holding your business back and hindering your growth. On the other hand, a custom software is designed to meet the most specific needs of your business, allowing you to improve in the right areas. Investing in software development should be your next move and here’s why!

Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Custom Software

#1 Handle multiple tasks with one software

Tasks such as billing, sales management, and shipping should be accomplished with accuracy. It’s very easy to make a mistake when you have to use several different programs to handle these routine procedures. If you created a custom software for these processes, you would be able to speed things up and accomplish multiple tasks at once.

#2 Improve data analysis

If you’re tirelessly working on data analysis by hand and going through hundreds of spreadsheets per week, you know there has got to be a better way to do this. A custom software design to collect and analyze data would save you time and money, allowing you to gain insight into important information much faster. Besides, you wouldn’t have to deal with piles of paper on your desk anymore.

#3 Automate repetitive tasks

You might have an entire team in place for handling simple, repetitive tasks that can easily be done by a software. A custom software can help you automate these tasks and allow your team to focus on more important aspects of running the business. Besides, computer automation reduces the risk of human error, making the processes more accurate and precise.

#4 Comply to regulations

Running a business includes dealing with annoying tasks such as complying to a variety of rules and regulations. A great example is the recently implemented GDPR designed to protect people’s personal data. It is your job to achieve necessary compliance and follow government’s regulations. However, the process might get tiring, as it involves collecting a lot of detail specific data. A simple custom software can capture information for you and file it into categories to make the compliance process much easier.

#5 Improve communication

A custom software can be used to improve communication between you and your staff members. Fast and accurate communication has always been the key to success. If you business operates from several different locations, you will have to take things a step further and improve your communication network as much as possible. A simple custom software can make communication between team members easier and more efficient.

#6 Create customer service apps

Custom software and applications can help you tremendously improve your company’s customer service. The overall user-experience is a very important factor for capturing and retaining customers. If your company provides exceptional customer service, people are more likely to trust you and stick around with you for longer, which will result in more profits.

#7 Increase Cybersecurity

Last but not least, a custom software can help you increase the overall security of your infrastructure. Cyberattacks have become a common concern for businesses all over the world. If you’re using old and outdated software solutions, you are most likely exposing your business to unwanted cybersecurity risks and threats such as data theft and unauthorized access.

How to Create a Custom Software for Your Business

If building a custom software for your business sounds too complicated, we have the right solution for you. VironIT, a popular custom software development company located in Belarus, offers a variety of enterprise software development services, including the creation of mobile, web, game, and cross-platform solutions. As an international software development company, they possess over 14 years of experience in the field with a total of 537 projects released across 15 different countries.

Clutch ranked the company as one of the top software development firms in 2016, while they are currently on the list of top 25 software development companies published on LinkedIn. With all that said, you can trust the IT professionals at VironIT with the development of your own custom software solution. Whether you’re planning on developing a mobile application, an IT solution for business management, or a software for workflow automation, VironIT will help bring your idea to life. Head over to their website and request a free quote for your project!


There is no point in denying it, the future of business lies in software development. If you want to take your company one step ahead and stay above your competition, we suggest investing into a custom software that will not only increase your team’s productivity but it will also bust efficiency and increase profitability. Lucky for you, the process of creating a custom software has become a lot easier thanks to VironIT. All you have to do is get in touch with their professional developers and discuss your project ideas. The experienced staff will take care of your project and create a software solution built to take your business to the next level.

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