Why You Should Consider Paying For Traffic

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why you should consider paying for traffic

It’s time we start looking at website traffic for sale as a long-term strategy for SEO and conversions.

For too long, we’ve been told that when you buy web traffic, you’re implementing a black hat strategy. If paying for social media likes, follows, and comments is acceptable marketing, why should paying for website traffic be less acceptable? After all, the same rules apply when your goal is visitor conversion.

All About The Numbers

We’re not saying paid traffic sources have brilliant conversion rates. And website traffic providers that promise conversions don’t have the authority to make such a statement. Because conversions depend on your business reputation, your selected targets, and your online presence. As long as the traffic you pay for is composed of real human beings, you have an opportunity to engage and convert them.

A small business that gets 10,000 monthly visitors to its landing pages via organic strategies can pat itself on the back. Influencing people to pick you over your competition is far from easy. Paying for people from the groups you cater to to land on your site, however, is easy. You select, you pay, you observe. And the numbers can be mind-blowing. It’s perfectly normal for a website traffic provider to offer plans that range from a few thousand to a million visitors. A million. If only 0.1% of these visitors convert (your organic conversion rate should be a little over 3% (on average) – that’s 1,000 people.

Not A One-Trick Pony

When you look at bought web traffic as a pure conversion strategy, you will lose out. Conversion is always possible with human visitors, wherever they arrive from. You might get better rates with other strategies. You are unlikely to get the numbers, but you will get better conversion rates.

And again, those numbers are important. They prove popularity for Google crawlers. When 10,000 or 100,000 visitors land on your website every month, you’re going to see the effect in your SERP position. It will be higher.

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Or will it…?

Ideal Website Visitors For Sale Conditions

Low conversion rates from big numbers equals lots of conversions.

Lots of visitors to your website every month equals a huge SERPs boost.

Just not for everyone. When you rely on paid traffic to do all the work you should be handing over to a marketing agency or to your marketing department, you will not benefit from your visitors. Any of them.

There’s an idea that if you pay for visitors, they should be high quality visitors. They should land on your website and think, ‘ooh, fantastic place…I’m going to have a look around and buy a few things while I’m here, maybe leave some positive feedback’.

If website traffic providers could guarantee this, they’d be asking a hell of a lot more than $0.025 to $0.08 per visitor.

No provider can guarantee converting traffic, quality traffic, or non-bouncing traffic. These companies can only promise 100% human traffic gathered from the locations and interest groups you select during your order process. They can guarantee no bot traffic. Targeted traffic. Geolocated traffic. 90% accurate gender/age/location traffic (you’ve never lied on an online form before?). But they can’t guarantee Google crawlers will give you top marks and they can’t guarantee your paid visitors will sign up, register, subscribe, follow, comment, click, navigate, buy, or fill in a form.

Because all of these things are completely up to you.

What Do I Do To Get Them To Engage?

In the end, it is your service, your online presence, your website design, your bandwidth, your logo, your prices, your corporate responsibility, your speed of service, your customer care, your attention to detail, your location, your feedback, and your authority that does that.

Google crawlers will respond to high numbers of visitors and there’s a lot of doubt about whether the Google algorithm actually calculates bounce rate – it’s a difficult metric to prove. So it is likely your order will make a difference to your place in the SERPs no matter what the state of your service and site.

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However, scores really shoot sky high when you hit the realm of positive user experience. Where your visitors look around, read a couple of pages, make an order…engage. And that’s all to do with you, not your traffic provider. As long as your provider sends the right numbers of humans from your selected target groups to your selected URL spread of the period of time you indicate on the order form, the provider has done its job.

To make conversions or get a true boost in the SERPs, you need to design your paid traffic landing page in a way that catches their attention. These aren’t like your organic visitors. Paid visitors aren’t looking for you or someone like you. They’ve just, at some point, expressed an interest in your field of business. Engaging paid traffic is a lot like gathering new followers on a social media profile – you have to throw out the net wide and quickly pull them in. Visuals and new signup offer – that’s what needs to be screamed from your paid traffic landing page. You can then lead them toward your authority, service, and testimonials.

One-Off Or Monthly Order?

Monthly orders – as long as your landing page is engaging for less invested visitors – will have the most long-term impact on your SERP position. There are no alarm bells for crawlers to ring – a sudden surge of a quarter of a million visitors and then back to 2 or 5 thousand a month is bound to scream ‘unusual activity’. You won’t get fined – after all, these are human visitors, not bots – but the result is hardly believable, even for a simple crawler.

By ordering 5 to 10 times your usual organic visitor numbers every month, you raise popularity scores far above what your organic campaigns can achieve. When your organic visitor numbers are enough to keep your business running and you don’t want to expand, the occasional injection of numbers will hold your search engine page position.

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If you’re looking for profit in the form of conversions, regular higher numbers get the best results. It’s a case of weighing up investment over low conversion rate and visitor volume. Just like you need to do in any sales-related strategy.

One-off orders are great for three things:

  • Accompanying simultaneously run campaigns
  • Finding new targets
  • Brand awareness

Paid traffic works great alongside a social media, email, discount, or new content campaign as it increases outreach and is cheap. If the hard work has already been done in the campaign’s design, paying less than a cent per visitor can get the most out of it.

We can often be surprised by the groups that buy our products or services. Alternatively, testing the reactions of already targeted groups to certain pages is tough for smaller sites that don’t get many hits. Paid traffic is a solution for both scenarios. By ordering from target groups that you’d never considered working with, or by putting a to-be-tested page’s URL in the order form, your analytics software can measure responses from much greater volumes of real people.

And finally, brand awareness. Where buying web traffic is probably the most cost-effective and immediate manner of getting your company recognised across the globe. The effects are almost as good as a top social media campaign. Again, web page design is crucial. But when all you want is a positive reaction to your logo or name, where else can you get your hands on hundreds of thousands of daily targeted visitors for minimum outlay and minimal work?

If you have faith in what you have to offer your public, the decision to buy website traffic is a good one. Take advantage of someone else’s hard SEO graft and get the opportunity to invite their organic visitors to your specially designed page. There’s no simpler marketing strategy out there.

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