Why You Should Always Look for Something Called Provably Fair While Gambling

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why you should always look for something called provably fair while gambling

Online casinos and betting have always been involved in many suspicions. Therefore, security systems have been developed to ensure protection and justice for all involved. One of the most advanced and latest systems is tools that have a provably fair system; click here to know one of these tools.

This system was developed using technology from the cryptocurrency industry to ensure that a casino’s games are fair. That’s because it allows the player to check later if there was cheating or not.

Want to understand more about how the provably fair system works? And why does it make the casino trustworthy? So please read our article very carefully.

Probably Fair While Gambling

In other games where the result is based on a random number generator (RNG), the player has to trust that the operator is acting reliably. RNGs play their part, and the player wins or loses.

On the other hand, provably fair system games use cryptographic technology to ensure that the outcome of any game can be shown to be honest and not manipulated. The blockchain provides a means by which users can verify the results and be assured that the random numbers generated in the game have not been interfered with by third parties or even the game operators.

In a provably fair game, the result is not generated by one party, usually the game operator’s servers, but by several different participants. All entries are combined, encrypted, and shared.

Probably Fair: What is it, and how does it work?

So far, we have already said that provably fair helps the lives of casino players to be safer, as it offers a 100% effective method to know whether or not there has been cheating in an online casino game. But how does it work in practice?

Simply put, they are tools that are integrated into casinos. This tool allows the player to check every move made in a casino game, whether a slot machine, roulette, Blackjack, or whatever.

Provably fair works on the premise that every online casino game is built on computer code that simulates “randomness” as much as possible to determine the outcome of spins.

For example, if you place a bet on a roulette game, the program tries to simulate randomness as best as possible to determine which number is drawn.

However, the fact is that from a technical point of view, it would be relatively easy for casinos to cheat on these games. Although independent companies audit most online casinos precisely to avoid this scenario, the fact is that it is possible.

So, what the provably fair tool does is add a “window” inside the game code so that the player can check play by play and if the drawn number was taken by the “randomness” of the game or if there was any cheating.

How Casino Game Works

  • Serverseed: a kind of “base number” given by the casino;
  • Clientseed: a kind of “identification” of your browser (and you can adjust that);
  • Nonce: a counter that records how many moves you’ve made.

What the provably fair tool does is deliver you, before the turn, a hash (an algorithm) encrypted with the Serverseed from that round. As you receive Serverseed before play, the casino can no longer trade. However, as Serverseed is encrypted, you cannot access it and thus “cheat” your bet. When you place your bet, the casino game’s RNG (Random Number Generator) will “do its magic” and give you a random number based on these three factors.

When you are done playing, you will receive a new hash with a new ServerSeed. This hash should be used to reveal the previous ServerSeed (which was used in all those moves). From there, you can take ServerSeed and use a tool provided by the casino’s provably fair tool to check each of your plays and see whether or not there has been cheating in the game.

Probably fair is the safest technology to ensure complete transparency in a casino game. This is because there is no way for the casino to exchange the encrypted ServerSeed that was delivered to the player. It is simply impossible to break the hash encryption (this is why, for example, Bitcoins are tamper-proof).

As such, there is simply no way for the casino to interfere with the ServerSeed once it has been generated, nor for the casino to impede with your ClientSeed, as your browser or you determine it.

So, after the move is made and the ServerSeed is revealed, compare the numbers (which are recorded in a public ledger) and see if the result was what you got. This proves whether or not there was cheating.

Probably Fair at Crypto Casinos

Recently, a particular type of casino has become popular among gamblers. These are Crypto Casinos. They stand out for being casinos that not only accept cryptocurrencies on deposit (with a particular focus on Bitcoin) but also have games where you can bet and win prizes in cryptocurrencies.

For example, these Crypto Casinos may contain games where you place bets in Bitcoin and get paid in the same currency (if you hit the bets, of course). The big difference between Crypto Casinos and other casinos that also accept cryptocurrencies is this: they only work with cryptocurrencies (instead of being another method) and have games that can be played with crypto bets (instead of converting your deposit into real).

In addition, Crypto Casinos have a culture focused on cryptocurrency technology, including Blockchain and other security features. It is from this culture that the provably fair is born.


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